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Are you one of the members of the mobile legend fandom? Mobile legend game is one of the most popular battle arena games that are very popular among smartphone gamers. If you have played mobile legends, you may know how addictive the game is. There are many in-app purchases by which you can get new skins, outfits and appearances in the game. But these are very expensive to buy. Don’t worry; we brought you the EZ month application. This application will help you get new appearances and outfits in the game.

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Now, while playing the mobile legends, you don’t need to waste your money on appearances, avatars and outfits of your character. You can get all these items for free using the EZ month application. In this app, you can browse all the available outfits and skin just by surfing through it. You can also download these very easily. Apart from the outfits, you can also download free diamonds, a drone view of the map of the game, new maps, emotes and many more items.

The EZ month injector apk is a well-optimised MLBB injector tool that is useful to inject cheats in the original mobile legends game. You can find many other injector applications on the internet, but most of them are not working after the latest update in the original game. But don’t worry, the Ez month app works only in the popular injector tools. With the latest version of the EZ month apk, you will get the features of the mobile legends game for free.



get skins of all avatars and characters

The interface of the game is simple yet interesting. By opening the app, you will get a list of all the available skins and outfit appearances. Browse all the items through different categories and choose the items you require. You can get free outfits, avatars, emotes and many other things. This is the only way to inject the features into your original game version.

Free diamonds

If you play mobile legends on your smartphone, you may know the importance of diamonds in the game. It may be the most precious things in the game that you collect and spend to get all the new guns, skins and other items. With the EZ month app, you can get it with a few clicks.

New maps

get the new maps in the game

The EZ month apk allows you to add new maps to the game. In the original game, you have to unlock the maps to play in it. With the EZ month, you can inject them into the game with a click only. Apart from the new maps, you can watch the panorama view of the whole game. This way, you can spot all the enemies very easily. It is a way of hacking to win the game and have some advantage in the game.

Ranking booster

Boost your rank with a click. No need to play non-stop games to get a rank boost. Now be among the elites with a few clicks. You can boost your rank without any hard work. Choose the rank you need, and the rest of the work ez month will do.

Pros and cons


  • The EZ month app is the best way of getting the upper hand over your enemies in the mobile legend game.
  • This is the only injector that works after the MLBB game’s new update.
  • The interface is simple to understand. All the items are listed in categories to choose from.
  • Apart from skins, you can also get free diamonds in the game.
  • Get the panorama view of the whole map and see the enemies all around the game.

all items are sorted in categories.


  • The EZ month app is not available in the google play store. You have to download it from third-party sites, which can be risky.
  • You will need a password to access the app, and every site has its password.


What are other alternative apps for EZ month?

There are some working alternatives to the EZ month app. They are sales of the league of legends, lol: Myanmar guide.

How to get the app?

Download the app from this site by following the steps given above in the article.

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