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Want to play an action-packed game full of adventure and excitement? We have found a perfect game for your android device that will give you the adrenaline rush every moment of its gameplay. Learn more about the eternium android game by reading the following article and downloading the game by clicking the download button.

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About Eternium Apk

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There are tons of games to play in the google play store but most of them are slow and don’t give much excitement. Play Eternium to get the rush it provides in the graphic-filled adventurous journey. Be the part of the adventures of your hero, a warrior who blew his weapons to slay enemies. This game has monsters, skeletons, dragons, and much more. The graphics of the game is very advanced and elegant. It gives the feeling of any other game you play on PC or on gaming consoles.

The combat-filled game is easy to control and move. It contains tons of levels and rewards along the way. Use different types of weapons from swords, axe to guns and bombs. There are different objectives in the game that have to be completed to get the rewards. Use these rewards to update your hero’s performances. It is a purely free game and in-purchases are totally optional. Cross the forests, caves, and dark dungeons and clear your path with unexpected dangers along the way.

Along the journey, there are many award-laden crests. Collect it and open it to get new awards and coins. The best thing about this game is its storyline which is very realistic and thrilling. It gives a reason for all the adventure along the way. There are also special abilities and skills which can be unleashed when covered with enemies and inflict great damage. There are different modes like hero level and champion level which contain different objectives and excitement.


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  • Graphics and interface: The games contain high-end graphics that give you the experience of games you play on PC or gaming consoles. The graphics also functions very well with the android devices and run smoothly for most of the devices. The graphics can be customized according to their device capabilities.
  • Offline: The game runs purely without any internet connections. You need to download the game files into your android OBB folder which can be quite large. Once it got set up completely, it runs without any data requirement. Don’t need high ping connections and unstable connection problems.
  • Gears: Customize your hero with the advanced gears you will acquire along the way of your journey. Breastplates, helmets, and hoods can be acquired by opening the crests. They can be purchased from the store which is purely optional. Use these gears to save and rescue the healer and your other companions.
  • Storyline: The storyline of the game is very intriguing and thrilling. Every objective and level of the game has a back-story connected to it. Fight your arch-nemesis ragadam and destroy his evil plans. The story brings you a fantasy land with monsters and dragons to fight along the way.


Other Information

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  • The game is fully offline. So, no frustrating ads while playing the game. No network and ping problem while playing the game. Play game with full graphic mode.
  • Different levels and modes of the game with different objectives never let you get bored
  • The graphics of the game is action-packed. It can be customized very easily
  • An overwhelming amount of constructing options. The hero can be customized and equipped with state-of-the-art gears.
  • No frustrating ads in between. As it doesn’t need internet while playing.


  • More content, quests, and modes can be added to the game.
  • The gaming file of the game is quite big. Need to have a good Wi-Fi connection to download the file.
  • Getting gems and other rewards can be time-consuming and difficult.
  • The controls of the game are very complex and difficult for beginners

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FAQs about Eternium Apk

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Who are the developers of the game?

The developers of the game are making fun of. They are popular for making action-packed RPG android games. Other popular games of them are Runstrike, hidden express, and more.

What are other similar games like the eternium?

There are many games similar to eternium that you can find in the google play store. Some of them are Moonshades RPG, Grimvalor, Age of magic, etc.

How to get the game?

Download the game using the google play store link given above or visit its official website to get the game. You can also download the game from our website(both apk and game file) and set up the game.

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