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ES File Explorer Mod Apk introduction

ES file explorer mod has space analyzer for music, movies, app, images, network, note editor and more

Es File Explorer is one of the most advanced file managing apps which is available for all the android devices. With this app the users can easily manage their files for both the offline and online purpose. ES File Explorer Mod Apk is more useful for the users who have low storage and high file quantity or the users who have lots of files and want to manage the files category wise. With this app the users can easily manage the large amount of files and folders easily.

This app also helps the users to manage the device storage and shows the accurate data of the files and folders which have occupied the space in the storage memory. The large number of scattered files are very hard to manage and categorized but with this app the users can easily divide the files into different categories.

The users can also see the storage data in different types of graph charts and pie charts with this ES File Explorer Mod Apk. And this way they will get the accurate data of how many audio, video and other files are there.

The users can easily find the specific file with the advanced search method by which the users only have to type the initials to find any file. 


Main features

Advanced layout and Search system. 

check settings, themes, local, library and internal storage all in blue

This app has the best file layout and advanced searching system for the android devices. And with this layout system the files are categorized with the different titles and can be found easily. With this layout system the total number of files can be counted easily and less important files can be removed.

The searching system lets the users to find the specific files in between the hundred of other files. The songs, videos  and documents can easily be found in between the multiple files by just typing the initials. 


Easy file Transferring Feature

file manager which is easy to access to local and remote files

ES File Explorer Mod Apk provides the users the feature to transfer every kind of file to anywhere very easily. The files are transferred easily and with a fast processing method, the users can also see the time left and time used for the transfer of file into the small dialog box.

The users can switch the apps and perform multitasking in between the file transfers. The users can transfer the large files between the different devices easily.


In-built features to boost performance

ES file explorer mod apk

This app has different types of in-built features by which this app helps to boost the performance level of the device. This app has its own internal music player, internal image viewer and text editor so that the users don’t have to rely on the other third party apps which acquire large space and ram memory in the mobile. And by using only one app for all kinds of work the users can enhance the device performance of their phone.


File Encryption in ES File Explorer Mod Apk

encrypt files and protect your data privacy in ES file explorer

The users can keep their files and folders more protective by encrypting them with this app. The users can lock their files and folders so no one except them can open the file. The encryption fēature of this app works very accurately and it is very easy to activate the file encryption. This app uses the 128-bit encryption technology to secure the data and personal information of its users. 


Unique Features of ES File Explorer Mod Apk

use the file manager on desktop and connect using FTP

This app has many unique features with advanced encryption and file management functions. This app not only keeps the files secure but it also organizes files in a specific manner so that the users can easily find any file they want. The users will get the category wise view of their files and they will easily access them and manage them.

The users can also get the detailed info of their internal and external storage with this app. How much space is used by which file or folder.

The users can easily clean the junk files and unnecessary files which acquire the space.  Application management is another very useful feature of this app. Additionally, The users can manage the installed, downloaded and removed files also and show the size detailed for every app.

With this app the users can also customize the icons of the files and folders of the devices with 3 sets of different icon designs. Users can use this app comfortably in 20+ different languages spoken all over the world.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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