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Are you searching for an educational app where you can get the simplest explanation of tenses and exercises to practice? Then English Tenses Practice Apk is definitely for you. Read about its features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About English Tenses Practice

learn grammar from visual examples.

English tenses practice apk is one of the most popular educational apps with many unique and amazing features. With this app, you can get the simplest explanation of tenses to learn them quickly. Tenses are the most difficult, but at the same basic things in the English language, so it is essential to understand. This app covers over 21 active and passive tenses and future in the past tenses. All the tenses are divided into different lessons, and you can learn them one by one. After every lesson, various exercises will help you practice what you have learned and clear your concepts.

This app does believe in the old-school ways of learning, which are all about mugging up and making studying difficult. Anyone can use this app to learn, but it is especially great for beginners and foreigners. You can even learn how to form sentences using tenses. More than 10 thousand learners from all over the world have already used this app to learn tenses. You can download the latest version of the English tenses practice apk from our website.

Main features

see answers to questions explained.

Interactive exercises

To make sure you clear all your doubts and understand the lessons, there are many exercises which you can do. At the end of every lesson, you will find the exercises. There are even audio exercises that help you know and speak the correct pronunciation of the words. Answers are also along with exercises, and you can have to search for them. The questions are taken from different tense books and give you the best ones.

Create your test

In this app, you can create your test and put the questions you want to practice. This feature is handy for teachers as with its help, and they can take their students’ tests. It is straightforward to create a test. You don’t need to know any technical terms, and you can have to write down the questions on the templates given. Do the tests with the questions which you want to do. There are also in-built test series which you can do if you don’t want to create one.

Summary table

To have a quick revision at a glance, there is a summary table of the key examples of tenses. This app makes it easier for the students to have a fast correction before a test or exam. It highlights the essential points in the colorful pivot table of the formulas of tenses. The study materials available in English tenses practice apk is clear and understandable. Teachers can also use this study material as a reference to teach the students.

Cool user interface

To ensure that any learner doesn’t face any problem in using this app and has a great learning experience, this app has a well-organized and interactive user interface. It is designed so that anyone can easily use this app. You will find the required options on the homepage of the English tenses practice apk. All the elements have a clear description for you to know the function of the possibilities. You don’t need to create an account or sign up to use this app


Why install English tenses practice apk?

english tenses practice has memory cards

English tenses practice apk is among the top educational apps with a large growing community. With this app, you can get the simplest explanation of tenses, making it easier to learn. It covers all types of tenses, including active, passive, future, past perfect, past continuous, and many more. All the tenses are divided into different lessons, and you can learn them one by one. After every lesson, there will be exercises which will help you practice what you learn. This app does not use the old method of learning, which is tedious. There are also speaking activities where you can listen and know the correct pronunciation of the words you learn.

You can create your test with the specific questions you want to practice. This test feature is handy for the teachers and learners who wish to practice their questions in tests. It is not very difficult to create your test in this app. There are summary tables where you can have a quick revision of key examples of tenses. The main point and examples are highlighted in different colors in the table. You don’t need any paid subscription to use this app; all the features are accessible for absolutely free.

Unique features

  • It is a small app.
  • There are no ads to watch.
  • It has low battery consumption.


  • There is no future in the past passive voice.
  • It has some minor bugs.


  • New features are added after every update.
  • There is no paid subscription required.
  • his app does not require access to your data.


play quizzes and prepare for interviews get complete details of wrong answer learn as you play in mini games

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