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Smartphone technology has made content accessible to anyone. You can save a significant amount of data and files on your smartphone and view them whenever possible. To access these files, you also require a good media player that lets you see your photos, watch movies and listen to music while providing other features. One such application is emby for android. Download and use it. To know more about the emby for android in detail, read the following article.

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all your movies and shows are sorted systematically.

Media contents are essential for smartphone users. You can click and save your images and download many others from the internet. You can also access media files like movies, videos and music. You need to download a different app to access each file type. One for images, one for video files and one for music. Now, you only require an emby application. Emby is your one-stop search where you can access all types of media files on your smartphone. The interface is also straightforward. All the files are separated into different sections on the app’s home page. It makes accessing all types of files a simple task.

You can easily toggle between different types of media files. Using the app is very comfortable, and you don’t require separate applications to manage all these files. It also helps to sort all your phone’s media in one place. Sometimes we download and have several types of media files that require a new application to access. We keep these files for eternity and never use them. With the help of the emby app, you can see all the media on your smartphone and delete the unwanted content. Apart from a smartphone, there is also an emby for android tv. It is similar to your smartphone one and helps view all the media on your android tv.



watch and edit images.

The interface of the app is user-friendly. It is simple to access and toggle between different media sections. Using it is very easy, and anyone can understand it. There are some familiar functions and options you may find in other applications that you may have used before for different media purposes. You can access videos, images and music in a single app.

Manage your media

The emby app is beneficial as you only require one app to manage every type of media file on your smartphone. It is beneficial in cleaning your device from the files that you no longer need. It saves you a lot of the phone’s space and makes your device faster. All the media files are separated into different screens that you can manage from the drop-down menu at the top left corner. On their separate screens, there is a similar interface that other applications provide.

Emby for android tv

listen to music.

Just like your smartphone, you can manage the media of your android tv with the android version of the app. You can get it from the play store for the android tv. It is similar to the smartphone version and helpful in the same way.

Pros and cons


  • It is very helpful as the emby allows you to manage all media files in a single app. You don’t require to download different applications.
  • Emby organizes your media into a sublime show with artwork, wealthy metadata, and associated content material.
  • There is an android tv version of the app, which is similar and helpful in the same way as the smartphone version.


  • There is a problem with the casting feature of the app.
  • The “edit images” feature only allows you to delete the thumbnail and make it black. It doesn’t allow you to change the image like in the pc version of the app.
  • Some users faced unnecessary crashing of the app.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following Google Play store link to read the reviews and learn more about the app.


Is emby for android tv free?

Emby is free to use, both the smartphone and tv versions.

How do I download from emby?

You can download free content from the emby servers, but it is only available in the app’s version.

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