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If you are searching for an English learning app with which you can learn and speak English more effectively and confidently? Then Elsa Speak Apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about its features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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use elsa mod apk to learn speaking english fluently.

Elsa Speak apk is one of the most popular English learning apps which has many unique and amazing features. With this app, you can effortlessly learn to speak English. Speaking skills are very important in our professional lives as it helps to advance our careers. And this app helps us to confidently speak in public. Learn about the correct pronunciation of every word you learn every day and practice. It doesn’t believe in the old school mugging method of learning which is very boring. Elsa speaks apk has smart artificial intelligence speech recognition.

You can learn about essential English phrases and conversations when you travel foreign. There are over 40 + essential topics such as American culture, job interviews, travel 101, basic English phrases, and many more which help you to have a good conversation with others in day-to-day life. With the smart AI, you can learn to speak like a native speaker and compare your voice to them. Already more than thousands of students and teachers from 130+ different countries are using this app to learn English. You can download the latest version of Elsa speak apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

practise your english with this app easily.

Over 1600 lessons

The whole English course in this app is divided into 1600 interactive lessons. So that you can easily take all the lessons one by one. You can also study the specific topics by choosing the lessons. After every lesson, you will do some exercises that will help you to clear all your doubts. With the one-shot revision notes, you can revise all concepts you learn in the lessons. It even has an in-built dictionary that will help you find the meaning of different words.

Prepare for exam

Worried about the exams and confused about which book or platform to study? Then don’t worry, this app has all the study materials which you would need to pass the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC exam, and even the ESL classes. There will be tests which you can give and check how much you have learned. Else speak app is a perfect app that can help you prepare for your exams. You can learn to speak the correct pronunciation of all words and speak like a native speaker.

Track your progress

This app has smart AI which can help you track your progress and tell you your weak points. It can tell you your skill level in the essential skills like pronunciation, conversation, rhythm, stress. This gives you the weekly report of the topics and lessons you learned. It has customized training to improve your pronunciation and conversation skills. You can focus on your weak points and give more time for practice in that area. In the conversation exercises, you have conversations on different topics with AI.

Smart user interface

To make user learning more effective, this app has a well-organized and user-friendly interface. It is designed in such a way anyone can effortlessly use this app for learning English. All the options on the home page of this app have clear descriptions for your convenience. The exercises are from top-class educators so you don’t have to search the questions from different books. From the tutorial video, you can know the correct pronunciation of words you learn.

Why install Elsa speak apk?

practise your english with this app easily.

With a large growing community, Elsa speaks app has won “the best digital learning app” award by reimagining education in 2016. With this app, you can easily learn to speak English more clearly and effectively. All the courses are divided into over 1600 lessons so you can easily learn them one by one. Or you can also learn about specific topics through different lessons. The exercises after every chapter will help you to clear and revise your concepts. This app will improve your speaking skills which will make your career more advanced.

Through Elsa speak apk, you can even prepare for the exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC. It has all the study materials that you will need to clear the exams. You can track your progress in the essential skills like listening, rhythm, fluency, intonation, and know about your weak points to work on them. Access all the features in this app for absolutely, you don’t need any paid subscriptions.

Unique features

  • It has an in-built dictionary.
  • It is a lightweight app.
  • Has low battery consumption.


  • This app recognizes only American accents.
  • Sometimes it lags on low-end devices.


you can track your progress with this app.
  • New lessons are added frequently.
  • It is very easy to learn English on this app.
  • It has smart AI voice recognition.


there are 1600+ lessons for you to learn.


What is the link for the Elsa speak website?

The link for the official website of Elsa speak is given below:

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