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Are you a music lover and want to make your music? The wait is over. We found a perfect app for you to help you make your tones, sounds, and music. Edjing Mix is an ideal application for those thinking of trying to make music and compose songs. Give the app a try and see if it can meet your requirements.

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remix music and make new soundtracks.

Edjing mix is one of the best music mixing apps for the android platform. Mix music or make remixes of popular songs on your own. Add music from the internet or your local files. It is all your choice. The features and tools the edjing mix provides are only available in the and expensive music mixing soft wares that professional musicians use. The state of art system specializes in processing audio files and making new music. The app has its sound library where you can find sound effects, mixing sounds, and new music that keeps on updating and adding more to its library.

Edjing mix will give you a fantastic music-making experience like never before. If you are already making music or are just a beginner who wants to try making music out of curiosity, it fulfills everyone’s demand. The app’s interface is very straightforward, and anyone can use it without much work. The design is very modern and technologically advanced, which gives a feeling while using. Users can customize the app’s UI according to their requirements and likening.

The tools are self-explanatory when clicked, and the app gives a brief tutorial for it the first time use. The automatic features add extra features to your music and simplify it for beginners. It helps you learn making music and the basics of sounds and tones. The quality of sound it processes is also and keeps the quality intact, and provides the best possible music experience to its users.


the best dj app for android platform.

50 million soundtracks

The app library contains more than 50 million soundtracks and familiar sounds to add to your song. Use them or download a new sound from the internet to mix it with your theme. Intelligent search options help you systematically sort these millions of sounds according to your requirements, and it automatically gets sorted according to your needs. The free sample contains many sounds like gunshots, sirens, alarms, etc.

Change sound and pitch

Many users try changing the pitch and speed of the sound to give a different tone to the music. But changing these things may downgrade the quality of the audio file. The automatic feature of the app keeps the quality of the music intact and provides you with the best possible music quality. It also keeps the presets saved automatically for future use.

Record and share

You can add music from the internet or your local files. Apart from this, you can record your vocals using the microphone in the app and process them to improve their quality. Use your vocals in your music and share them with the music community on YouTube or your social media accounts.

Adjust bpm

The automatic detection of the bpm is also one of the valuable features of the app. It detects the bpm and processes it for better adjusting the BPM of your songs for fine-tuning.

Other features

  • access your set key information
  • sync your songs
  • manage 4 DJ effects

Pros and cons

20 plus free sample sounds.


  • A straightforward interface is very beneficial for beginners learning about music composing.
  • The library contains millions of soundtracks and sound samples of daily sounds.
  • Users can mix sounds and their vocals by recording their voices.
  • The interface looks elegant and gives hi-tech vibes while using.


  • The tons of frustrating ads make the app redundant and waste time.
  • The library contains millions of sounds, but there are only some of the soundtracks that users can use for free.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app.

Watch the following YouTube video to know how to use the edjing mix DJ mixer app:

Read the following article to know how to cancel the edjing mix subscription


Is edjing mix free?

Edjing mix is entirely free to use. You can download it from the google play store, but some of its features need to take the subscription to the app.

How to use the edjing mix for free?

Download the edjing mix mod apk by following the steps given above in the article. Use the mod version to use the app’s premium features for free. It is the full version of the app.

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