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If you are looking for an efficient notepad app on which you can quickly take notes and support other media. Then Easy Notes Apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about its features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Easy Notes

add audio notes and secure them inside easy notes mod

Easy notes apk is one of the most popular notepad apps with many unique and amazing features for you. With this app, you can make quick notes with colorful backgrounds and checklists on your phone. On this app, you make notes much organized, faster and easier as compared to normal notebooks. The phone is the thing that we almost take with us almost everywhere. So you can check your notes anywhere and don’t have to carry a notebook.

  • It is an app that will come in very handy in day-to-day life and we use it for both personal and professional use.
  • You can make short notes of a meeting, class, and another important event.
  • With a checklist, you can create notes in a very organized way and also manage the task to do in a day.
  • In the grid and list mode, you can quickly view the notes at a glance.
  • You can organize them in different categories such as work, school, and many more.
  • Already more than 0.1 million people from all over the world are using this app to make quick and detailed iones.
  • You can download the latest version of the easy notes apk from our website for absolutely free.


Main features

add security by adding password and screen lock to notes

Personalize notes with colorful backgrounds

With Easy notes, you can make colorful memos with various background colors. It has a rich text editor due to which you can interactive notes with highlighted headings. The text is fully customizable, you try new fonts, colors, sizes, and many more. You can even draw different figures on the screen with your fingers and add them to your moments. There are many different themes from which you can choose your favorite one for your note. You can pin the important ones at the top or add widgets on your home screen.

Add images, stickers, and audio

To make your notes more informative and eye-catching, you can add images and stickers. You can use the photos in your gallery and this app supports all types of images. There are hundreds of in-built stickers, which will make your writings more awesome and help you express your emotions. Easy notes apk even allows you to add music and audio in your notes. You can set the size and position of the images, stickers, and audio notes with the help of your two fingers.

Backup your notes

To make sure you don’t lose your penned thoughts, you can backup them on online cloud services. It supports major cloud services such as google drive, one drive, dropbox, and many more. You can keep all your writings in one place and check anywhere and anytime. With just one click, you can restore the notes from your online backup account to a new device. You don’t have to worry about losing your important ones. By syncing the data with online cloud services, you can access them on multiple devices.

Impress user interface

Easy notes apk has a well-organized and user-friendly interface for you. It is specially designed so that you can comfortably write or paste anything. If you find note-making on the phone difficult then try this app, you will have an experience that you never add. You can easily make quick and detailed notes with colorful backgrounds. All the features in this app are very easy to use. You can effortlessly apply them in your notes, all the options have clear descriptions for you.


Why install easy notes apk?

change color and style pf pen, pencil, brush.

With a large growing community, easy notes apk is among the top notepad apps. With this app, you can easily make quick notes with colorful backgrounds. You can use a checklist to create organized and more informative ones. By adding your photos, stickers, and audio to your notes, you can make it more informative. There are various colorful backgrounds and themes which can make your writing more eye-catching. To have a quick look at your writings, you can add widgets to your sticky notes.

With the calendar mode, you can add the important task list on their respective dates and you can also view them in calendar form. You can use a secure password to ensure that nobody except you can see your important ones. Back up your digital notes on online cloud services and keep them safe. You can even set reminders. So you don’t forget about your important tasks.


  • Sometimes after editing, the changes are not saved.
  • You cannot use it offline.


  • You can sort by date and time.
  • Easily share your digital notes.
  • Set up note reminders and never miss them.

Unique features of Easy notes

  • You can protect your notes with a secure password.
  • Organize them in different categories.
  • Easy Notes is a lightweight app.

Screenshots of Easy notes app

add photos, videos, links in easy notes mod apk make to do lists with checkboxes in this premium app writer colorful notes and organize them

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