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Getting bored and wanting to play an interesting game ? If yes, then we have an awesome mystery and crime solving game app for which is called “Duskwood”.



Duskwood Premium apk is the most popular and thrilling mystery & crime solving game for android. If you like to play the games based on mysteries and investigation stories then you will love to play the game. With the mind blowing mystery stories and scariest dark animated scenes will give you the thrilling experience. This game contains the most complex murder mysteries which you will have to solve and prove that you are the best detective.

These stories are very realistic and will give you goosebumps while playing this game. As you will be playing the role of a detective you will have to investigate the cases with your detective skills. Find the clues, they are all over the crime scenes. Make choices that will lead you to the important points and they will help you to solve the cases. Watch carefully for the evidence because the criminals can always leave some clues.

There are different modes in this game for you to enjoy the spy and detective type role playing levels. For each successful case solving experience you will get your rank plus. The crime stories of this game get updated on a continuous basis. Easy instructions of the game will help you to play it very comfortably. This game will take you to the adventurous quests.


Main features


The storyline of this game is very scary and thrilling, as you will continue to play the game it will still get updates. Story in this game is always in upgrade mode so that you will get unexpected moments to enjoy. This game is very scary and has multiple turning events that will shock you. The storyline involves the girl of the village called ‘duskwood’ is knowhere to be found. And now even the locals of those villages are worried. Now you are the only hope of the villagers to find them with your detective skills.

Realistic events

With this game you will get the most realistic experience of the crimes. There are different types of crime fiction stories that will excite you and scare you at the same time. The gameplay is very realistic and you can experience being the real detective in this game. Find the criminal so that there will be peace in the village once again. You have to use your detective skills to the highest level and search for every possible evidence.

Make choices

In Duskwood Premium Apk, you will have to make some of the most important choices about the cases. These choices will take you to the most important factors to catch the criminal. Keep your thinking skills sharpened and make the choices very clearly. This whole crime scenario is developed for your entertainment only. Each episode is different from others and requires a different set of skills to find the culprit. After each choice you will enter in the different episode, so make your decisions quickly and precisely.


The characters in the stories are established between the stories very perfectly. All of them will be very suspicious and you will find it very much difficult to find the criminal among them. Use your detective brain to find the real criminal and save the villagers from the hidden danger among them. All of them will look very suspicious but only one of them is the criminal mind. With your capabilities the villagers can be saved.


Unique features

Puzzles – as you will proceed to solve the cases you can also enjoy solving the different levels of puzzles.

Spy mode – in the spy mode you can secretly read the chats of other people and find the culprit or the people talking about the case.

Free to play – if you want then this game is completely free to play, you don’t have to spend money.

Videos – in between the gameplay you will get to watch different suspenseful videos that will capture the criminal moments.

Mini games – There are certain mini games in between the gameplay like match three puzzles.


Why Duskwood premium apk ?

Duskwood is one of the most popular thrilling game apps and has millions of users. This game is popular in multiple countries. The stories of this game are very realistic and you will find them thrilling. As you will proceed to play the stories you will enjoy the game more and more. This game is the chance to prove that you are the most talented detective among all the players all over the world. There will be many cases in which you will have to make choices and those choices will lead you to victory.

The excitement level in the game never ends and will make you more excited when you are close to catching the criminal. There are many different mini games like matching three puzzles in the game to enjoy. The content of the game and gameplay is designed with extreme HD level graphics. Graphics even challenge the console level performance. This mobile game app has dusty puzzles and level zones to enjoy online gaming.


  • Interactive stories to enjoy
  • Easy to play game
  • Challenging Puzzles to improve problem solving skills.
  • Different characters to make the game more interesting
  • Stunning 3D graphics


  • Some interesting content like images and videos blur
  • Mini games take time to load.
  • Some times app crash
  • Not for low end devices

Mod features

  • Ads free
  • Unlocked Premium features
  • Paid content is free to use.
  • VIP membership


Other resources for Duskwood

  1. Visit official site of developer.
  2. Check out this game on playstore
  3. Go to the facebook page for the game.
  4. Review of game from hardcordroid.
  5. Visit everbytestudio on instagram (Developer of the game)
  6. Reddit sub-thread to discuss the Duskwood mobile game, and the mystery within



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How to play the game ?

watch this video to learn how to play duskwood.


How many episodes are there ?

As of now, there are total 9 intense episodes in duskwood.


Duskwood Premium Apk keeps crashing ?

watch this video to solve your crashing issue.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download, so that your apk download starts well.

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