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If You don’t speak any languages except your mother tongue? Is that true so you need this application to learn foreign languages? Yes, this application is called Duolingo. That helps you to learn different foreign languages. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page


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Duolingo is a learning application that helps to learn foreign languages with the right vocabulary. If you are traveling to a foreign country then you will need to learn their language. They scroll the world every day. so they want to learn different languages. The Duolingo application is very helpful for them because the lecture on this apk is very short. But in other apk lectures are very long and more costly. In Duolingo, apk. So you can easily learn the language that you want to learn and it’s free of cost.

Each language has its classification and status. And it depends on you how to learn it. But one of the best tricks to learn them is to figure out what word you speak and picture it clearly in your mind. through every word, you can understand easily. Yes, the Duolingo application provides a picture of each word in front of you. For example – In the German language, fish is called FISCH, and pictures of fish are seen in Duolingo apk.

  • And more than 100 languages are provided to their users so you can understand and learn them easily.
  • Learn English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Ukrainian, Irish, Greek, Polish & more.
  • Yeah, I’m not joking, you can do it by yourself.
  • At last, you can learn more than 1,00,000 words and 80,000 sentences or 3000 different games exercises are given.



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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARE GIVEN– This is the most amazing feature of this application. you can automatically correct it if you make any mistake. but in other applications, this function is not given through so that you can learn the wrong thing.

NO ADVERTISEMENTS WHEN YOU ARE LEARN – This is a good feature no ads interrupt you while you are learning. Because of this, millions of people are loving this application.

EASY TO HARD VOCABULARIES – If you can learn easy vocabularies step by step it becomes hard. New vocabulary and grammar lessons are open and they help you a lot. because in coaching centers they teach you only easy words, not hard.

REWARDS OR COINS ARE AVAILABLE – If you complete its exercises without any mistake virtual coins and different rewards are available. although, different levels are and you feel motivated or score more.

DOWNLOAD OPTIONS IS AVAILABLE – If you don’t have an internet connection. you downloaded the lecture and saw them later. because if this happens your learning doesn’t stop. and this is the most amazing feature in Duolingo apk.

EXERCISE GAMES ARE FOR USERS – More than thousands of exercise games are available in the Duolingo apk. through that, within a short period, you can easily learn different languages. and you aren’t frustrated by it. When exercise is available in gaming mode you can do more and more while playing.

SHORT LECTURES – Short lectures are there. you don’t spend not more than 5 or 10 on it. Duolingo is the only learning application that will provide short lectures for its users.


learn french, spanish, japanese and more.

In today’s generation, there are limited jobs in our own countries. so more and more people have to migrate from their birthplace to other places to find a good job and abroad they get good packages to earn their livelihood. But one problem is that they didn’t speak and understand other countries’ languages. And they need to pay a good amount to coaching centers for learning foreign languages. Duolingo application that provides free of cost lectures to the users who don’t pay money to the coaching. Only short lectures are not more than 5 min. Even the busiest person also watches the Duolingo sections.

Duolingo is a foreign application developed by Luis von Ahn and Severin hacker computer programmers in the USA. This application launched in June 2012. after being updated on the app store within a few months millions of downloads are done. This shows Duolingo application is how popular it was. This application is only 35MB. And easily available on the play store and google site. A new update has recently come. Many new features are seen in this apk after an update.


  1. All in one learning application of 2021.
  2. Short lectures are available not more than 5 min.
  3. Less consume mobile battery.
  4. Available on both android and iOS versions.
  5. Thousand exercise games are there.


  1. More load on Duolingo application.
  2. Little glitches are seen.
  3. More languages are demanded by users.
  4. A few lectures.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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