Dumpster Premium Apk 3.11.397 | Recover Deleted Photos & Videos

Have you deleted some files recently and by mistake an important file got erased ? If yes, then Dumpster Premium Apk is ready for you to take action and recover your deleted file. Read more about this app in this article.


Dumpster Premium apk is the most interesting and advanced file recovery app. With this app you can recover your deleted items easily. These days files of an android operating system are generated with heavy sizes. And the memory is easily filled with these type files. And you always want to delete these types of unnecessary files from your phone storage. But sometimes with these temporary files some of our important files got deleted. This can happen many times with use and for the dumpster premium apk comes. You can easily deep scan the whole system and find your files to be recovered in a healthy position.

If the file is recoverable then this can perfectly recover it. The process to scan and recover the deleted files like photos and videos is very easy with this app. Even a small kid can use this app very easily. We can also call this app a deleted photo or video recovery tool for android devices. By using this feature to recover the files you can easily empty your storage space without any tension of deleting an important file because you can recover it. This app also gives a facility to its user to save their important data files to the cloud storage of this app.

Download this app from our site and get pro apk and mod apk for file recovery. This app has both photo recovery and video recovery. You can save undeleted and restore pictures. In the full version you can recover any type of file. This app acts as a recycle bin for the photos and videos with a full unlocked version.

Main features

Recovers data in one tap

With this app you can recover your deleted data very easily. When you will start the process then this app starts scanning the whole memory to find all the deleted files. And the files which are in the most healthy position can be recovered in one tap. This way you can never be in tension of deleting the file accidentally. There will always be a way to recover your deleted files with this app.

Hide data

You cannot only recover the deleted files with this app but you can also hide your data to the safe position. You can save your files in different vaults and protect that vault with a password or pin number. So that no one can access your data unless you tell them the password. The vault protection level is very advanced and no one can access your files without your permission.

Backup at cloud storage

This app provides the facility to its users to create a backup of their important files and upload it one their cloud storage. Cloud storage system of this app is very secure and reliable. You can recover the deleted files any time you want. This way your precious internal and external storage gets free. You can now focus on downloading or creating other files alos when you have storage space free. And free space can also improve your device performance.

Clean memory

With this app you also have multiple other features that can boost your device performance. One of the most necessary features of this app is that it deep scans your storage and cleans up the unnecessary files which acquire space on your storage. This app cleans the temporary files, unused files, trash and many others. This application is very reliable and secure to use.

Unique features

  1. To work on your device this app doesn’t need a root.
  2. You can create an account on this app and use its most reliable data securing features.
  3. There are many custom themes and designs that you can use anytime to make the appearance of this app more pleasant.
  4. Create backup and recover the deleted files instantly.
  5. Awesome user interface which is very friendly and easy to use even for beginners.

Why use dumpster premium apk ?

You can choose dumpster premium apk as one of the most reliable data recovery backup apps for following reasons. This app can deep scan your device so that you can recover the deleted files in a healthy state. The data files like photos, videos and many other documents are very important that this app recovers. You can also secure data by using a pattern or password protection in your vault. No one other than you can enter the vault and access data.

One other way to secure your data with this app is that you can use its cloud storage feature. You can upload all your important files on cloud storage. You don’t need to root your device for this app to work. It is very easy to use this app and even a kid can use this app. There are many customized themes and designs available for this app. Use them to make your app more awesome.


  1. Easy to use file recovery options.
  2. Free cloud storage to secure data
  3. Cleaning your system for free.
  4. High privacy features to secure your files.
  5. Mistakes can be corrected if the data is deleted accidentally


  1. Some of the unhealthy files can’t be recovered.
  2. Ads are very annoying
  3. Sometimes apps crash for no reason.

Other resources

  1. Checkout this app on playstore.
  2. Visit the official site of dumpster.
  3. Checkout dumpster app on appbrain.


Accidentally emptied gallery. What to do?`

Use a dumpster app to recover your gallery files.

Snapchat photos deleted. How to recover ?

Just download the dumpster premium apk from our site and install it. After that you can deep scan your memory for your snapchat photos to recover.

Hidden folder deleted ? how to recover ?

Watch this video but use a dumpster app for this work.

Memory card formatted by mistake. What do I do now?

If your memory card gets deleted by you then you can download a dumpster app for instant recovery.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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