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Stuck in your home in lockdown and getting bored? Want to learn a new hobby? What would be better than learning a new language? There are many ways of learning a new language but not all of these are easy to master. We found a perfect app for you that will help you learn a new language in new interactive and convenient ways and it will make your learning language journey very easy for you. Read the following article to know about “DROPS Visual Language Learning” and download it from the instructions given below.

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About Drops

new character tool of this game will help you to read and write.

Whether you are searching for a new hobby or taking a resolution on this new year of learning a new language this time. Everyone wants to learn a new language, but it is not an easy task and not many people can carry on this journey forward. Learning a language is one of the most difficult tasks but still want to learn a language when we watch any foreign film in its language or see other people speaking it. Don’t worry, drop language will help you in completing your resolution. It starts from the beginning, from scratch. From learning vowels, syllables, common words. The most important aspect of it which distinguishes it from other platforms is its intriguing way of teaching language with the help of games and showing animations in story formats.

It’s a proven fact that we remember things more clearly and for a long time by watching them or reading them in a story form. Drops use this fact very strategically and beautifully. It has more than 45 world languages in its library. Whether you want to learn Spanish, French, German, or Korean. It has got you covered. The focus of it is to make your vocabulary strong and use simple grammar. Play games, give the answer by typing or speaking it. Complete different levels. From starting with easy courses the level will increase once you clear the previous level.

Features of Drops Language Learning Apk

you can literally play with words with drop language premium mod apk.


When we see movies or TV series in foreign languages with subtitles. We get intrigued by that language so much that we want to learn that language. Drops have language courses of more than 40 languages. Learn French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and many more. Choose the language your like. Start from scratch by learning common words in that language and also learn the accent of it.

5-minute session

It doesn’t provide long boring sessions that bore the user and they never return to learn more. Every session in drop has a 5-minute limit. Every session is designed perfectly to teach from an easy level and increase to a higher level. The session makes learning new languages very addictive that you will complete 2 or 3 sessions in one go. If you don’t have much time, just take a single 5-minute session every day and make learning a daily routine.

Learn and play

Learn a new language by not just reading and cramming in a foreign language but by playing games and watching stories. This way makes learning more fun and addictive. Studies suggest that learning by watching and playing helps to learn quickly and remember things for a longer period. It will learn a hard thing like a new language effortlessly.


The interface of the app is very user-friendly and easy to use. All the features are covered effectively. Different modes and bars will keep your learning in check. It provides you regular revisions of things you learned to keep the track of your progress


The good and the Bad

just swipe alphabets to enter the words.

Positives of Drops Apk

  • Good user interface. Easy to understand and use conveniently. Course progress keeps you motivated and on track.
  • The 5-minute sessions keep the course out of the boring context.
  • The small and precise sessions keep the course relevant and intriguing.
  • Provides more than 40 language courses to the users.
  • The most famous language across the globe is listed in it.
  • The app uses games and videos to teach the language.
  • It helps in keeping the words remembered for a longer period and sessions are also exciting.


  • Doesn’t have playtime. For that, you have to subscribe to the version.
  • No offline access. Need internet to access the app.
  • Contains ads.
  • Timers sometimes give unregulated time while giving tests.

FAQs about Drops

there are 30 languages to learn in this app.

Who are the developers of Drops Language Learning App?

The drops application is acquired by the Kahoot group. It is the largest game-based learning platform. They keep finding new ways of making learning more fun and exciting.

How to get DROPS Visual Language Learning?

Download from the following link of the google play store. It can be risky to download from any unknown sources. You can download the app from our website. It is safe and secure from any harmful viruses. Download by clicking on the download button at the bottom.

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