Dream League Soccer v9.12 [Apk]

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is also quite popular when it comes to video games. People love to play sports genre games on their smartphones and soccer games are on the top of the list.

Play dream league soccer, a high-quality soccer game that gives you experience which no other game gives. To know more about the game read the following article and download the apk by clicking the download button at the end of the article.

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About Dream League Soccer

make amazing goals in dream league soccer to reply your shots

Dream soccer league is one of the highest-rated football games in the google play store. It is a mobile soccer simulator just like FIFA and PES. It’s a way to make your dream soccer team with the best players on your side. Be the owner and manager of the team and win trophies and victory after victory.

Get ready to experience the top-quality action. Build your team with licensed FIFA pro players with their unique abilities and skills. Build your own stadium and march towards glory. The AI of the game keeps the level of the game according to your performances so you keep improving again and again. The graphics are so good for a mobile game that it makes you its addictive. Sign top players like Gareth bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, or Lionel Messi in your team with the help of the rewards you collected winning the matches.

Build and improve your team by signing new and more advanced players. Play in the top leagues and championships starting from a small league first then move upwards in the harder league by winning different trophies and competing against the best teams and players across the world.


set the players according to your soccer strategy

  • Licensed players – There are many FIFPro licensed players among which you can sign your player. These players have their own unique style of play, unique abilities, and skills. You will sign these players assign them to your team, build tactics around them so that they will help you win the matches. You can use your rewards points and coupons to improve and evolve the skills and parameters of their performances.
  • Build-up competition – Build your team from the scratch. Play league matches among 7 division tournaments and 6 championships. You will participate through them while building your team stronger.
  • Live events – This is an offline game but you can also play it online and participate through live events. It has both offline and online modes. In online mode, you can play against players across the world matched according to their team strengths ranking.
  • Customization – Though you can sign and add important players to your team you can also customize your own players by adding extra skills and making them stronger. You can also build your stadium which you design yourself and showcase your star players in their home stadium. You can also customize your kits, logos, etc. This is your team and you will make it from scratch and bring them to glory.
  • Soundtracks – The music and BGM of the game are developed by many great artists like The Luka state, Jack Winns, sunset suns, etc. it will provide you the required thrill which you will require in the heat of the intense matches.

The Good and Bad of DSL Apk

join the league to play soccer and win in tourneys


  • Had both online and offline modes to play. Build a career in the offline mode from scratch to the glory and play among the best players across the world in the online mode.
  • The graphics and the interface of the game will give you the experience of not less than a PC game like FIFA or PES.
  • Customize and build your own player and stadium. Control every aspect of your team.
  • Easy to use interface with easy touch controls
  • Sync to google play and compete against the leader board. This will also help store data in the cloud and you can play across the devices.
  • FIFPro licensed players. Win them and get the chance to get the best out of them.


  • Though it is a free game. But many rewards need to be purchased inside the game.
  • You need to have a good internet connection while playing online against any player. Online matches lag in controls and movements.
  • Ads can be interfering and irritating.
  • Touch controls are quite complex to operate. Consoles will be needed to play conveniently.

Important links

Download from the google play store.

Watch this tutorial gameplay which will help you in the setup of the game:

FAQs about Dream League Soccer Apk

set up players in field in fifa soccer mod apk

Who are the developers?

The developer of the game is first touch games ltd. They made many popular mobile games like score hero, score match, 8 ball hero, etc.

How to download the game?

You can download the game directly from the google play store with the help of the link given above or you can also download the game from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button on this page.

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