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Want to watch free movies on your smartphone? Then you come to the right place. As the internet is growing, watching content online has become very easy. We can download any movies, music and videos from the internet for free. For downloading the movies from a genuine source, use the caller skull application.

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watch live shows of popular channels.

Now we have dozens of options for watching movies online. The most popular is the use of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar and many similar to them. But the problem in them is that most of the content on these platforms requires a to watch. If you want to watch Bollywood, Hollywood, or South Indian movies in dubbed or original languages, then you can use the caller skull application. This app is not available in Google Play Store, so you have to download it from a third-party website like this one.

In the caller skull app, you can find most of the popular movies at the earliest possible time. You have the option of downloading the movies in different languages and video quality. There are dozens of downloading links in the app for different types of content. There is a search option in the app. In it you can search for your favorite movies, by inserting some initials of the name of the movie.

There are tons of websites available on the internet that gives download links of movies but take you to different ad pages. It is frustrating using them, and also they are harmful and risky of viruses. The movie library of the caller skull app is very big. You can watch and download movies of Bollywood, Hollywood and many other regional south Indian movies in the app. You can choose which audio or video quality to watch. Use the app for content watching and share it with your friends. For more apps like this, stay tune with it.


get customised interface.


The interface of the app is very simple and easy to use. You can use it very easily. There is no frustrating ads to take you to different websites. The interface looks elegant and modern.

Search option

You can search among the thousand of regional and international movies by inserting some initials. The library of the app will let you download Bollywood, Hollywood and south Indian movies. You can also choose their quality and audio languages.

Download links

Downloading movies is very easy in it. It let you download the movie instantly in the app itself. You don’t need to visit many sites and webpages. The downloading will start in the app only.

Free content

You don’t need to pay for the individual movies or take the subscription of the app. All the content in the app is free to use. The library has thousands of movies. You can download the content and watch it in any app of your choice. The content will be downloaded in your local files. You can share them with anyone.

Pros and cons

this is the official logo of caller skull application.


  •  The interface of the app is straightforward and simple. Anyone can use with ease.
  •  The app contains thousands of movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, and south Indian films.
  •  The search option makes searching your favorite movies easy.
  •  You can download the content in your local files. Send them and watch it in any media player.
  •  Watching and downloading content is free.


  •  The app is not available in Google Play Store. For caller skull movie app download you have to visit third party websites.
  •  There are some problems while downloading and streaming.
  • You have to connected to a good internet connection. Any interferences in the net speed, can make your content watching frustrating.


Is caller skull safe?

It is not available in Google Play Store. You have to download it from a third party site that can be risky.

What are more apps like caller skull?

Apps similar to caller skull are Antena live, Peachliv pro, ditto tv and more.

What are caller skull app review?

Caller skull have mix reviews. Some users find it useful and some experience many problems while using it.

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