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Looking for a fun board game which you can play with your family and friends on the phone? Then Dominoes apk is definitely for you.

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About Dominoes Game

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Dominoes Apk is one of the most popular board games. It has a simple and colorful animated interface which makes this game even more interesting. It has various modes in which you can play. But these three modes are getting most of the attention: draw dominoes, block dominoes, and dominoes all five. In the draw dominoes, you will have to move the tile and match to one of two ends already on the board. The block dominoes mode is almost the same as the first one, the difference is that you can pass your chance if you don’t have many options.

In dominoes all five, you would need to add all the ends of the board and if the number of pips on them is the multiple of five then you score points. This game has a large community of players from all over the world. You can join them and make new friends. Or you can link your Facebook account and enjoy the classic board games with them. 2 to 4 players can play together in any game. More than 50 million people all around the world have played this game. You can download this game for absolutely free from our website.

Main features

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Customize board and tiles

If you are bored with the default board and tiles then you can customize the board and tiles. You can change the color and apply different styles to make it unique and special. Every day you can try a new combination of board and tiles. Until you find your favorite one. There is no limit for customization, you can give your board game the exact look you want. You can also try the in-built designs in the game. New designs are updated frequently so that you don’t get bored.

Create rooms

Dominoes Apk gives you the freedom to create private rooms with your friends and family. At a time you can create a room of over 4 players. It doesn’t matter where the players are, they would just need an internet connection to play the game. No other player can not interfere in your game. Only the players you sent requests can join the game. You can send requests through Facebook also. You can even chat with your opponents. Express your emotions through different emojis.

Practice mode

In the practice mode, you can play with the bot. You don’t require any internet connection to play in this mode. You learn new tricks and practice them. The new tricks will help you to win against the real opponents. The match against the bot will not be too easy, you will have to use your brain to win as it has a smart AI. You can try different strategies without any hesitation as there is no one to judge your moves.

Stunning graphics and sound effects

Dominoes Apk has high-quality animated graphics to make your gaming even better. The 3D and colorful tiles will make you feel like playing on the real board. It also has spectacular soundtracks which you can enjoy during the game. There are special sound effects of tiles that make your gaming experience even better. Due to its simple graphics, you can play this game on both low and high-end devices. From the settings tab, you can change the graphic and sound settings according to your convenience.

Unique features

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  1. It has a simple and interactive interface.
  2. It is a lightweight app with low battery consumption.
  3. Also, the game has low CPU usage.
  4. You can play both offline and online.

Why install dominoes apk?

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In dominoes, you can have the same fun on the phone which you have on real board. You can have more fun, no one can cheat so you can play fair. You can count the number of pieces in stock and your opponent’s hand. If you don’t have a companion to play with you then don’t worry. There are hundreds of players online who can play with you. You can chat with random people and make new friends.

You can exchange gifts with other players. Everywhere you can carry the board to play games but with this app you just need your phone to play. You can even customize the tile which you can’t do with aboard. You can create rooms and play with your friends. With this app, you can enjoy the classic board games of tile in one place. You can also check your statistics after every match.


  • Sometimes the game lags when the phone gets heated up.
  • Dominoes Apk has some minor bugs.


  • There are no ads to waste your time.
  • Enjoy classic board games on the phone.
  • Interact with your opponents in the chats section.

Unique features

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  • All the in-app purchases are available for absolutely free.

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