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Console games are prevalent among gamers. They provide a separate controller for better control and a better gaming experience than smartphone gaming. We have brought you a new app to help you play the old Nintendo games on your smartphone. The Dolphin emulator apk can emulate your smartphone screen with a console controller. With it, you can play the games people play on the old Nintendo consoles.

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Technology is quite advanced nowadays. You can play the futuristic gameplay and also experience the old technology for a nostalgic experience. There are apps for different things. There are apps to make your laptop run Android applications, which will help you run the old console games on your smartphone. These types of games are called emulators. There are tons of emulators on the internet that you can download and use. We have made your work even less stressful as we have brought you the best emulators among many emulator applications.

The Dolphin emulator apk is one of the best console emulators you can find in the Google Play store or other third-party websites. It allows you to play Nintendo games on your smartphone. There are tons of classic games that you may have played in your childhood. Even if you haven’t played it before, you can still experience the old types of games. To tell you back, it is only an emulator application and doesn’t have any games in its interface. You must download the game apk from the internet to play these games using the emulator.

The emulator provides you with console controller controls on the screens. With the on-screen controls, you can play the old games with ease. We would not say the app is perfect. It has its defects and limitations, but it is the best emulator you can find to play the old Nintendo games on your smartphone. dolphin emulator for ios.



Controls can be changed

The interface of the app is simple yet exciting. You may find it hard to understand at first, but as you keep using and exploring new settings, you will get the options and settings. The app runs almost all the old Nintendo games perfectly without any freezes or screen disorientation. You will get your game working quite well with the app. The controls are visible on the screen, and you can choose their opaqueness level.

Save the game.

You can save the game quite easily in this emulator. It is one of its best features. You don’t need to find the nearest save point to save your game. Just pause the game and save it instantly. If you close the game at that stage, don’t worry; you will start from the same place next time you open the game to play.

Instant playing

Games are arranged very neatly

The games are sorted and neatly numbered with their names and thumbnails. The emulator is light and covers no more than 15 MB of space in the smartphone memory. It runs fast and has advanced options to make it faster while running the games. There are no hidden files that the app downloads to support itself running in the background. You can periodically clean the app’s cache to release the saved data.

Pros and cons.


  • The interface is easy to understand and run. It runs smoothly and doesn’t freeze in between the games.
  • It is one of the fastest gaming emulators available for the Android platform.
  • You can save the game’s progress instantly.
  • It supports four players in GameCube games.
  • The app is free to use, and you can download it from multiple sources.

Control layout can be changed according to the game


  • There are no options for saving the controller layout once you save it on one of the controllers.
  • Some games, like Mario Sunshine and Need for Speed, run slowly and face performance problems with it.
  • Some games keep crashing in the app.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link in the Google Play store to read more about the app and its reviews.


Is the dolphin emulator safe?

The Dolphin emulator apk is safe to use and download. It is free from any malware or viruses.

Is it legal to use the dolphin emulator?

The Dolphin emulator is available on the Google Play store. It means it is legal to download and use the app.

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