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it gets real as a simulated dog life can get

Do you want to know how it feels like to be a dog? Then this role-playing game is definitely for you, try it now. Read more about this app in the article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Bitlife: Doglife Apk

start new life as a new dog character in doglife.

Doglife apk is one of the most popular role-playing game apps. In this game, you can experience the life of a dog from birth to death. There will be different situations in which you have to make correct choices. The whole outcome of your story will depend on the choices you will make. Even a single choice can affect your story. You can be a pet dog or a street dog, it’s up to you what you want to be. Like a pet dog, your life will be a little comfortable as you don’t have to struggle to get food.

  • You can live in a family with children who love you. But there will be obstacles too which you will have to face.
  • You can also play the role of a homeless dog who will have to fight the food against the other dogs in the streets.
  • It is a simple fun game that children love to play.
  • Already more than 500 thousand people from all over the world have enjoyed playing this game, you can have fun too.
  • You can download the doglife apk for absolutely free from our website.

Main features

die deathstone in doglife mod apk

Several cute breeds of dogs

In dog simulator life apk, you will find dozens of cute dog breeds such as golden retriever, german Shepherds, huskies, french bulldog, pug, beagles, and many more. Each dog has its own unique story and you can experience them all one by one. All the breeds are free. You can easily choose your favorite breed in the game. You can live the life of a dog from a puppy.

Experience different endings

There are many different endings in this game that you can experience. Each choice that you make will change the outcome of the story. You can experience all the endings one by one. The type of breed you choose will also decide the ending of your story. The different challenging situations will never let you get bored. In each situation, there are several choices to make. Two lives will not be the same, if you are a street dog then you will have an ugly appearance which usually the owner doesn’t intend to take in.

Stunning graphics and sound effects

To make your gaming experience more fantastic, this game has high-quality graphics for you. You can explore 3D buildings, homes, streets, and many more. All the characters in the game are of the finest quality. Every time you play this game, you will have a different experience. It also has an amazing soundtrack which increases your fun. You can listen to special sound effects like the sound of cats, dogs, footsteps, and many more.

Smart UI

DogLife bitlife apk has an interactive and animated interface for you. It is developed by the top professionals with extreme care of every single detail. All the options are well organized on the home page. Anyone can easily play this game without difficulty. You can also use the guidelines the first time to play. The success of your story is measured by different aspects such as happiness, health, respect, and love.

Why install doglife apk?

all information about dog breeds is available in this educative game.

There are many animal simulation games in the market but most of them have short gameplay and are boring. Whereas doglife apk has adventure gameplay in which you can live a life of both a pet dog and a street dog. You will have to make the choices in different situations which will decide the outcome of your story in the game.

There are dogs of many different breeds including golden retriever, german shepherd, bulldog, pug, and many more. You can experience different endings one by one. It has high-quality graphics and stunning sound effects for you. It also has a user-friendly interface due to which anyone can play this game. You can also be friends with cats in your owner’s house. If you choose to be a street dog then you will have to fight other dogs in the street for food.

Unique features

  • It consumes low battery and storage.
  • There are different prizes to win.
  • It has low CPU usage.


  • Sometimes this game crashes on low-end devices.
  • It has some minor bugs.


  • New updates come frequently to improve its performance.
  • It has simple and fun gameplay.
  • It has different breeds of dogs.


make choices in the game for your life as a dog all dog breeds in doglife mod apk

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