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It is said that dogs are very loyal. Are their owners too? Now it’s high time to check your loyalty towards your pet. How much do you know about your pet? Do you know the name of its breed? It can be either a pure or a mixed breed too. Humans always seem very interested in knowing every detail about their loved ones. To help you learn more about your beloved Tommy, we have brought to you an amazing application called “Dog Scanner: Breed Recognition” that will help you determine the gender, breed and many other pieces of information about your pet.

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ABOUT Dog Scanner App

know the bread of every dog with fast and easy way.

Imagine you love dogs and have brought a new pet to your home and don’t know anything about its caring and grooming. Then, now what will you do? You can ask for help from other pet owners. But like humans, not all dogs have the same characteristics and don’t need the same caring. You do not have to worry about taking care of him. Because now you have a DOG SCANNER that will be your comrade in taking care of the pet dog. It’s just not an app to determine a dog’s gender and breed but also comes with a social network space where you can share your dog’s images and videos. Just for proofing, you should know that this app has a huge database of 350+ officially recognized breeds that will show you the most accurate breed information. Along with the names, dog scanner apk has images of every specific breed.


by using dog scanner app you can share your search results to get quick response.

Accurate breed identifier

This app has such a strong and huge breed information database that it can identify almost every recognized dog species in seconds. It contains specific and mixed breed information and images about more than 370 species of dogs from every corner of the world. All species are officially recognized by the WORLD BREEDS ORGANIZATION that specifically runs for identifying every breed of dogs of the world.

Every single information in details

with this app you will easily recognize the mix breed.

Along with knowing species and breed names, a pet owner has to do many things like grooming, feeding, etc.
This application will be with you in helping you with almost every step. It will guide you to take the best care of your pet. This app gives you timely tips to take care of your pet in the best way possible.

Height weight parameter

In humans, we know about the weight height index parameter. This index tells you about the average human height-weight ratio considered fit and healthy. Like humans, dogs also have the same kind of parameters for them. This app has this remarkable feature with it too. After identifying the species name, it tells you the height weight parameter of your pet. So that you can access your pet’s health and growth, this feature can help you reduce the chances of your pet getting sick or under/overgrowth.

Social network

Dog Scanner app has a remarkable feature of social networking in itself. You can share your puppy’s photos and videos through it, and you can see others’ posts too. By this, you can share your pet’s daily activities and browse about other pets too. You can compare your pet’s growth to other pets there and know the tips and tricks of taking care of them.
Not only can you share your pet photos on the app, but you can share them with your friends and family on other social apps too.

Fun part

All features seem to be helpful for only pet owners. But in case you don’t own a pet right now, it will also be a very interesting one for you because it has an amazing and creative feature of similarities humans face to dogs. Scan your friend’s face and see what dog’s face they are similar to. It can be a fun and entertaining task to amaze your friends and family by visualizing the faces of similar dog breeds.

Great service

This app will make sure that your dog’s breed is identified accurately. If it is not specified, the app will give you some tips to improve the results after. This app has a separate database section where you can see not just one but every recognized dog breed image and information. You can also vote and suggest the dog’s breed name, which you see in the application.


dog scanner mod apk search rapidly with easy method.

DOG SCANNER APK allows you to use the app without getting disturbed by annoying advertisements. You can enjoy all paid features of this apk without spending a single penny from your wallet. This app will ensure that you get your results as quickly and accurately as possible. And the most wanted feature which you will get in this apk is that you can also access it without an internet connection.

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