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Social media has become an addiction in the modern world. What if social media makes you smarter? It provides you the information for the things that matter not of the dumb things it gives. We found an application called Deepstash apk for you, giving you the addiction to social media and the knowledge of books and other sources.

To know more, read the following article of Deeptash and download the app by clicking on the download button.

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About Deepstash

spend 5 minutes learning new things in deepstash.

Deepstash is like browsing social media if it had things that mattered. Deepstash’s bit knowledge cards will help you garner a ton of knowledge and information. Get the knowledge and become smart by using it for five minutes every day. The cards in the feeds of Deepstash contain ideas that can be quotes from famous people or books, practical tips on any topic of your interest, podcast voice sentences.

It contains every topic from #philosophy, #leadership to #personal development. The cards in these topics are developed by the Deepstash members called stashers. The stashers read books, watch videos, and learn things, and whenever they find something worth sharing, they make the cards and upload them on Deepstash. Other users interested in those topics read these cards and learned many new things.

It’s a daily source of knowledge. You need five minutes whenever you are free. Whether it’s while commuting to your office or killing some time lunch break. It can be addictive like social media, but it will evolve and improve into your better self. It contains more than 40000 topics to choose from. Search and find new knowledgeable topics to learn to improve yourself. If you see something interesting in Deepstash, you can share it on other social media sites or apps. You can also make your customized library with your favorite cards.


follow people to follow their thoughts.

  1. ADS Free: One thing that is best about Deepstash is that it is free of cost and also free of those unwanted frustrating ads which keep on killing your experience. Now surf the feeds and learn new things hassle-free.
  2. Organize your knowledge: Collect the ideas you loved in the feeds into your personalized library. Anything you do while surfing collects into their different stashes. Any idea or thought you think you will require afterward when there is your job interview, or you want to share your knowledge with others.
  3. Recommendations: The recommendations in the apps keep on refreshing for your fresh dose of knowledge. It contains more than 4000 topics to learn from. Follow those topics of interest and get thoughts, quotes, and stories about them.
  4. Share: You can share anything you like in Deepstash. Use different social messaging apps like WhatsApp or telegram to send to your friends in chats or groups or communicate the status of your Instagram or Facebook.
  5. Five minutes: Learn something new daily, and you only need to invest your five minutes. Whether you are waiting for something or someone or whether you are traveling. The time you give to your social media, this app will shift you to this. However, it becomes addictive like any other social media. It also gives the knowledge that others don’t provide.

The Good and the Bad

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  • Instead of mindless scrolling of social media, it provides knowledge in brief.
  • It doesn’t contain any ads and also is a free-to-use application. Just improve your knowledge and share it with others to help them improve theirs.
  • You don’t need to read long passages and articles to learn anything. Just read the brief cards.
    Easy and helpful.
  • Stash ideas into your library in collections. It helps in the future when you need it.
  • Regular updates help upgrade the UI of the application, which makes accessing the app accessible.


  • Feeds got stuck after some ideas, and you have to refresh repeatedly. It doesn’t have infinite
  • scrolling like other social media apps.
  • Some updates resulted in bugs and errors in some of the users.
  • Some users reported some privacy issues while using the app.

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Faqs about Deepstash

read during coffee at work on deepstash mod.

Who are the developers of the deepstash?

Its developers are the deepstash. Their only product is the deepstash you will find in the play store.

What are the other alternative applications of the deepstash?

Other applications similar to the deepstash are mentorist, intellect, the stoic, etc. These apps provide something unique to their users by providing knowledge in different forms.

How to download the deepstash?

Download the deepstash from the google play store or its official website. Both of these links are given below. Or you can download the app from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button.

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