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Dailyhunt Mod apk introduction 

dailhunt mod apk is available in many languages.

Dailyhunt Mod apk is an awesome app for the latest news, entertainment and videos and with the millions of users it has gone viral and upgraded to the whole new level. With this app the users can stay updated with the latest information provided with the news and latest knowledge boosting articles.

And the users can entertain themselves with latest trending videos, articles, photos and many more contents. This app shows everything from the viral memes to the trending videos and latest news articles.

The contents provided by Dailyhunt Mod apk covers all the fields like business, sports, music, videos, Bollywood industry, breaking news and many more important topics. In today’s era everyone needs to be upgraded to follow the opportunities hidden for them. So this app helps its users by its free services to stay updated and grab knowledge which is important for them.

For each user this app has different categories with the particular fields that the user is interested in. The users of Dailyhunt Mod apk can filter the shown news articles, music and videos in that particular field in which they are interested in.

This app will only show the particular contents in which the users are interested in and there are many famous people related to that particular field in which the users are interested in, so the users can follow them and grab the knowledge required. 


Main Features of Dailyhunt Mod

Every type of updates

browse trending topics by your interest in dailyhunt.

Dailyhunt provides the users the best possible service so that they stay updated about everything in their country. The users of this app cannot only see and learn about the updates which are national or international but they get the service that provides the updates about the local area also.

The users can get the latest news updates about their local area also with the help of the pin codes. This way the users can better understand the status of their local area. And the international and national updates are normally always provided regularly. 


Post, Repost and Share inside Dailyhunt Mod

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The users of this app can see many different posts which are posted by the famous or normal users. The posts are visible to the users in which field; which interests users. so the users can follow different users; and can repost or share their posts which they like.

The users can also update their posts with the dailyhunt; and they can share their thoughts and knowledge to the other users of the dailyhunt. The users can post any photo, text, videos or any article they want and they find it interesting. 


Chat groups and Conversations

dailhunt app is for android and shows news and latest opinions.

The users of this app can chat with other users which they find interesting and knowledgeable. They can share their posts and join them to conversate with them. The users can also start their own chat groups and they can only add the users which they are familiar with.

With this feature they can create many different types of conversational groups; which can become the medium to exchange the knowledgeable information; or entertaining contents between them.


Live cricket score and Astrology

dailhunt mod apk as seen on mobile screen.

With this app the users get the service to watch and live feedback of the cricket matches. The users can see the players line up, their current playing positions and scores of the cricket matches. So this app not only helps the users to stay updated with news, but it also helps the users to never miss any information about the cricket.

The users can also read about the astrological report for their Rashi’s; they can daily read their horoscope updates; about their fortune, love, health, wealth and many more things. 


Unique features of Dailyhunt Mod apk

repost your opinions and start conversations in daily hunt.

This social app has many unique features with stunning graphics and high quality animated effects. The news section contents and entertainment contents in Dailyhunt Mod apk are classified into different categories, and the users can select the particular set of fields of which they want to get the updates.

The categories are like the sports, news, entertainment, politics, technology, cooking, lifestyle and many more. The users can always watch the trending posts and stay updated about the latest incidents or the scenarios.

Alternatively, can find their known person’s by sharing and merging their contacts with the dailyhunt app. Moreover, The users can share their contacts with the dailyhunt app, to connect with their friends and family members on this app. This app has many different themes for which, the users can select their own favorite one and use it. The different themes make the app very cool and amazing to work with.

This app also has the dark mode which the users can set to protect their eyes from the bright colors of different themes. Dark theme makes the appearance of this app more amazing and awesome. Dailyhunt apk is very lite in size and even the low specs device users can also run this app very smoothly. This app supports 15 different types of languages spoken majorly across India.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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