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Do you like crime thrillers and investigative scenarios in the movies? If you like suspense thrillers and searching for a game that will give you the same amount of suspense and thrillers, then we have a game for you. Download and play the criminal case, a game perfect for suspense-loving folks like you. The game has excellent graphics and evidence-finding scenarios that are not easy to find. The game will give you intense satisfaction and thrill when you catch the main culprit.

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analyse clues from a forensic lab.

If you love mystery puzzles and evidence solving, this game is perfect. The criminal case is a simple game where you have to solve homicide cases like a police detective. You will arrive at a crime scene and collect evidence. There will be witnesses and the accused. You have to find the main culprit and prove innocence to the others. This game has puzzles and different tasks as its objectives. You will get rewards by completing these objectives. You will be a police detective solving crimes and gathering evidence at the crime scenes.

The game is excellent if you want to play a game that takes some mind. The game looks easy, but not as easy as it seems. The game has good graphics and runs smoothly on almost every android device. The animations and backstory attack to the case make it more genuine to believe. The cases are a little bit complicated and require your full attention to the case. At the crime scene, piles of unnecessary things spread all around. You must find tangible evidence from that haystack to help you find the natural killer. Give the game a try and share the game with your friends.


 arrest killer and solve the case.

3D graphics

The gameplay of the game is simple. Like in movies, you are a police detective who solves murder mysteries. The game has fantastic 3D graphics that make the game more exciting to play. You will get a great experience while playing the game.

Play with friends

One thing that differentiates this game from other puzzle-solving games is its feature that allows different players to play the game together. You can join your friends and make your mind double in the case. The more detectives, the easier will be the case.


The game runs with the help of game energy. You will get it by solving the cases. The energy will replenish itself with time. There is also a concept of hints that will help you when you will not find any way as we advance. If you want to increase your hints, you can buy them with real money.

Hundreds of crime scenes

The game has hundreds of crime scenes. You will get easier cases before, but the difficulty will keep on increasing as you move forward in the game. You can use hints to take help also. Examine the crime scene and areas around it and collect evidence from there. You also have the help of a forensic lab that will examine your proof and provide you with clues.

Pros and cons


  • The game has good graphics and a fantastic backstory with every case.
  • The game is highly addictive as the crime cases it provides give the players thrilled.
  • The game is free of cost. You can download it for free from the internet.
  • You can play with your friends in the same case.


  • The game is a bit heavier in size and sometimes hangs when you play it for long hours.
  • You will require game energies to play the game. It is limited, and you will have to wait for it to get replenished, and it takes a lot of time to get back.

Other information

the game contains hundreds of cases.

Important links

Visit the following link on the google play store to read the reviews and learn more about the game.


How to get the game?

Download the game from the google play store or this site by following the steps given above in the article.

What are some other puzzle-solving games like criminal cases?

Some similar games are homicide squad, Midsomer murders, criminal archives, duskwood, and others.

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