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Cover Fire mod apk

Cover Fire Mod Apk Introduction

Cover Fire mod apk

Cover Fire Mod Apk is one of the most popular and amazing single player sniper shooting game apps. With this game the players will get to enjoy the intense shooting fights and missions that are full of action scenes. Cover Fire apk is specially designed for the players who love to play the action games and shooting games.

Cover Fire Mod apk is the best shooting game the gamers can play on their mobile devices. In this game the players will be playing and going on the missions as the solo sniper. The players will be given different types of deadly missions which they will execute solo and face the danger themselves. Cover Fire Mod has intense fights and one mistake can take life instantly.

There are various different places and epic locations on earth where the players will be given missions for; And they have to fight their enemies with the worst climate conditions of that place. There are different types of Cover Fire Mod Apk modes the players will be enjoying fighting in; And these game modes have various types of gameplay that will satisfy the players thirst for war.

So built a team of elite warriors and went on the deadly sniper wars.


Main features

HD Graphics and Sound quality

Cover Fire mod apk

Cover Fire game has the best extreme level graphics that even rivals the console graphics. This game has the best graphics in all the shooting games that are designed for the android devices. This type of clear picture clarity makes the players very excited to play the game. And the players can enjoy each and every detail of the game as if they are playing on the big screen PC. The real gaming experience comes with both the video and sound quality. And the sound quality of this game is also very amazing and the players can use the earphones to enhance the picture quality. 


Online and offline shooting gameplay

Cover Fire mod apk

This game has both the offline and offline shooting gameplay so that the players can enjoy Cover Fire Mod Apk in every situation. The online game mode allows the players to enjoy the game with their friends also. The players can challenge their friends on the one on one shooting fights and have fun. And in the offline game mode the players will not need any type of internet connection to enjoy the game. 


Exotic locations in Cover Fire Mod

Cover Fire mod apk

In this game there are many epic locations in which the players can go on the missions. The missions will allow the players to explore many other cities and these cities have different climate and geographic conditions. The players will fight in the desert. Ocean. Forest and many more exotic locations. There are many epic scenes in which the players fight on the train and in the jungle and in the desert. And these situations make the game very much fun to play


Series of dangerous levels 

Cover Fire mod apk

This game has a series of dangerous but enjoyable levels that cannot be completed easily. These levels are very challenging and the players have created unique strategies to win them. These all the levels are designed with traps and tricks from which the players have to be careful. And by completing these levels the players will get the rewards of rare weapons and rewards. 


Unique features of Cover Fire Mod Apk

Cover Fire mod apk

This game has many unique features with stunning graphics and high quality animated effects. The characters in Cover Fire Mod has realistic high quality animations. The maps and the different types of locations in this game contains detailed HD graphics. The characters in this game can be customized with awesome and cool skins and different types of deadly weapons.

For the players who love to play the story mode there are 12 new thrilling chapters that the players will love very much.

There is an awesome collection of new and hi-tech weapons in this game that the players will love very much. The weapons collection involves many different types of weapons like smg’s, lmg’s, snipers, assault rifles, and many more explosive powers. There are some rare weapons and deadly equipment that the players can unlock by winning the different levels in this game.

There are many online sniper tournaments that occur in Cover Fire Mod and every player can participate in them. But the competition level in these tournaments are very tough in this game.


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