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Count Masters apk Stickman Clash is a popular and fun action/arcade game built especially for people who love good old running simulator-type games. This game is uniquely designed for players who enjoy playing arcade games for quick fun. In this game, the players get to feel joyful and can enjoy themselves from anywhere at any point in time. As this game can be played both online and offline, players can enjoy this game without having to worry about the internet.

Stickmen games have now become popular in almost every genre and this game is an addition to it. This game is not just a single type of running game but also you can strategize, build your empire, and attack and conquer other castles all over the map. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

count masters mod apk

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About Count Masters – Stickman Clash

fast paced running game and so much fun to play.

Count Masters Apk is a multi-category game combined in a single game. Players get to enjoy the mainframe arcade running game where you can test your counting skills and enhance them as you progress through the levels along with hurdles that you need to cross to advance. You start with some initial amount of blue people that you need to protect from hitting amount to zero.


  • This game can ensure one thing that the players will not be bored.
  • The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand.
  • The players just have to increase the number of blue stickmen to ensure that when they attack red stickmen their number doesn’t reduce to zero.
  • The players have to watch out for traps, axes, pitfalls, and bridges.
  • If all the blue stickmen fall from the path or their number reduces to zero before reaching the finishing line then you lose the level and have to restart.
  • After you reach the finish line you get rewarded as many times as the number of blue stickmen you are left with.
  • There are many obstacles in the game for which the players have to watch out so they don’t fall.

Special Features

choose the right gate in this game count masters mod apk to win points

Dynamic racing– You are not just a runner but the commander of a whole bunch of stickmen. Accumulate your stickmen and lead them to the clash of the game.

Mathematical running game-You have to count, increase and multiply the stickmen in your team. Make the right choice to the right entrance and increase the stickmen by either adding or multiplying the initial number and winning all the furious stickman fights.

Build and attack– This game isn’t just for counting stickmen, clashing, and clearing obstacles but you also get to earn more and more coins and diamonds to build your empire or town and collect all their stickmen on a ship to attack and conquer the zones available in the map. While you attack you experience different paths you need to calculate to multiply your numbers so that you don’t lose from the enemy.

Skins and colors– In Count Masters Apk, you can customize your stickmen, enter the lucky draw by using coins or watching an ad, and win a surprising skin. Moreover, you can spin the wheel and choose a different color for the stickmen each time you start a level.

3D gameplay– It’s a simple, realistic, and competitive game. You experience the game in a 3D version. Crush all the opponents and make sure you have a maximum number of blue stickmen left in your team. Become a master and maximize your number of coins.

Multi-level with increasing difficulty– You go through lots of challenges and obstacles, but you don’t need to worry as you have your stickman crowd to clash with the worst of enemies.
Perfect obstacles for the game-Count Master is a fun game for not just gamers but for everyone and a handy time-killer. Download it now and entertain yourself for hours.

Reviews – The Good and the Bad

unlock different zones to play in this game.

  • Count Masters Apk is super fun but the advertisements are way too frequent.
  • It cool game to pass the time when bored or when you need to chill.
  • It is really fun when playing for the first time. Lots of ads though but that also can be avoided by turning off the internet. Restsuper easy to play, the easy concept also.
  • If the levels would get harder as you level up it would be much more fun. Also, the map section could use expansion into other countries.
  • After having every skin you need to fight in different zones.
  • But at some times you play a level that looks quite similar to the same level you fought.
  • you need to fight the same bosses again. After having too many Gems there is nothing much to spend them on.

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