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cooling master app for android.

Want to increase your phone performance? If yes then this app might interest you. This is an android optimization app that gives your phone a performance boost. Read this article to know its features in detail.



dynamic overheating apps detection

Cooling master apk is an incredible performance optimization app. This app is perfectly designed for android devices to monitor their performance in real-time. With this app, you can track your phone’s performance data and act according to it. It helps you to boost your android device performance levels by controlling the heavy tasks on your phone. Cooling Master Apk continuously tracks the apps which use your phone’s hardware components.

You can also see by this app which type of apps are using the CPU more and having high power consumption. Nowadays there are many different types of apps for every purpose. And each website has launched a mobile application for its users. So with the increasing number of apps in the mobile phone the workload on the hardware increases. And this is the situation when you are going to need a cool master apk.

Cooling Master Apk prevents the applications from increasing the temperature of the phone by their high power and CPU. As soon as the phone gets into the state of overheating this app detects the temperature instantly. It clears the apps that are causing the overheating and cools down the CPU temperature. It’s a CPU cooling master. Download it from our site for free. This is the best CPU cooler.


Main features

phone cooler

Real-time monitoring

This app continuously monitors the device’s performance levels. You can see the phone temperature in real-time with ram and CPU usage also. This way you will get to know that by using which app your device is lacking and causing the phone problems. Real-time monitoring covers the ram usage, CPU usage, and device temperature. There are some automatic measures that this app can use. And you can also manually perform the scanning of your phone.


This app with all its amazing features helps users to boost their phone’s performance levels. As an optimization tool, this app detects the number of factors that are responsible for the low performance of the device. It terminates the unnecessary applications which are not in use. This way the workload on the ram and CPU decreases. Which gives a boost to the device performance levels. CPU usage of some apps is higher than others so this app terminates the apps that are not in use. And diverts all the phone’s performance towards that app.


cpu cooling master.

Cool master keeps monitoring the device performance 24*7 and automatically performs its functions. So it automatically detects overheating of your device. High ram and CPU usage, and high data usage also. The detection levels of this app are highly sensitive and it detects even the smallest change. It detects trouble with some apps very easily. Apps that restart themselves frequently and apps that crash more often are detected by the cooling master.

Prevent overheating

With this app, you can easily make sure that your phone does not overheat easily. Overheating the phone can cause hardware problems very easily. So this app works as the medicine for the phone so that it can reduce its fever. It clears the applications that are causing the high battery and CPU usage. You can also stop the overheating of the phone manually by just tapping on the cool system.


Unique features

real time temperature monitoring

  • Drop phones temperature with one tap cooling system.
  • Boost the phone performance by clearing apps that occupy high ram usages and CPU usage.
  • Dynamic themes are very impressive and make the app fun to use.
  • Low battery and CPU usage. This app itself has low battery consumption and low CPU usage.
  • This app has smart AI which makes the features to its users available very easily with high alerts and immediate notifications.


Why cool master apk?

one tap to cool down

You can choose Cooling Master Apk because of its many different unique features. This app helps you to boost your phone’s performance levels with one tap. It has automatic detections for any type of overheating, high CPU usage, and battery consumption in the phone. You will get notified immediately when an app causes the phone to overheat.

This app automatically takes action against those apps and notifies you about its operations. You can also manually help the phone to cool down by clicking a single button in this app. This app also shows the performance data of the phone like ram usage, CPU usage, and temperature in real-time. With this app basically, you will get a friend that makes sure your mobile will keep working efficiently.


  • Easy to use
  • All the features are free.
  • One tap functioning
  • Real-time detections of any problem in the phone with notifications
  • Low-sized app with low battery and CPU consumption.


  • This app has many annoying ads
  • This app does not let the fingerprint of the phone works efficiently

Cooling Master features

  • No annoying ads are shown
  • Cool features
  • You will get VIP access to this app.


Other resources

cool master mod apk app screen

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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