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COD MOBILE, also known as the Call of duty mobile game app, is a beautiful treat for all mobile gamers and the most beloved shooting game with lots of action and tactical gameplay. This game is exclusively designed for mobile platforms to get the PC and console-level FPS gaming experience. Gamers can enjoy amazing multiplayer action on their mobile devices anytime from anywhere. The gameplay is very addictive, and players who will try this game once will not be satisfied even if they play it for the whole day.

  • The game has incredible characters customizable with awesome weapons, armor, deadly equipment, and skins.
  • Call of duty mobile has many multiplayer modes for every type of fps gamer like team deathmatch, accessible to all, and many more.
  • This game has millions of users online and has created a whole new world with its gamers community.
  • The players participate in games from everywhere, so the game is full of skilled and competitive players, and that’s why this game will never be out of fun.


Main features of COD APP

High-level Graphics 

max graphics call of duty mod apk

Cod mobile has brought console-level HD graphics with incredible visual effects for mobile devices. The graphics quality of the cod mobile game is stunning. When fired and powerful moves, each weapon is shown with special visual effects. And that’s why the game is exhilarating and has never-ending fun.

This game automatically detects the device’s performance and specifications and adjusts the graphics settings according to it. And that’s the reason the cod mobile game never lags and gives amazing graphic output. The graphics setting can be done manually by the pro gamers in their way. Many gamers want to adjust the setting, and cod mobile game apps give them the privilege to do it.


featured maps with 8 players

The cod mobile game has the best multiplayer game modes for gamers. The gameplay is high-speed and intense. It needs fast reflexes and high strategy-making skills; otherwise, the players will be dead in no time. There are five vs. five showdowns in the team deathmatch, and that team will win whose kills will reach 40 first.

All eight players have to kill each other in the free-for-all mode, and those whose kills reach 20 first will win the match. And just like these two modes, various game modes have fantastic gameplay and missions. The Names of these modes are frontline, domination, search & destroy, gunfight, kill confirmed, and hardpoint. There is also a practice game mode for the gamers for target practicing and weapons trials.

Featured game modes in cod mobile 

epic mode and man vs machine in cod

In Call of duty, there are also featured game modes, and these are different from the normal modes. The game continuously changes these featured game modes every few days, and new modes are introduced in place. The featured game modes come and go and sometimes come with new and exciting maps.

Maps in COD MOBILE Apk

view of all 8 map locations.

The maps are designed in detail and have very realistic visual effects. The maps are built with extreme-level graphics, and each object in the map is designed very cleverly. The objects in maps are designed to be decoys, hideouts, or support. Some objects can be used as covers to hide from the bullets.

Players will love the iconic multiplayer maps from the cod black ops and cod modern warfare. These all are available free for the first time in the history of every cod game.

The cod mobile maps for the multiplayer modes are

  • crash,
  • crossfire,
  • fire range,
  • hijacked,
  • kill house,
  • nuketown,
  • raid,
  • standoff,
  • takeoff,
  • summit,
  • winter raid,
  • scrapyard,
  • cage,
  • meltdown,
  • rust,
  • saloon,
  • Tunisia,
  • gulag showers,
  • highrise,
  • shipment,
  • terminal,
  • pine,
  • and king.

Every different season comes with new and unique maps for the players, and that’s why the fun never ends.

There is a different map for the Call of duty mobile battle royale, and all the playable cod mobile maps are featured in zombie modes.

call of duty mod apk mobile map area


Customizable unique loadouts

call of duty mod apk -features explained

The players will play this game and win the matches. The players will unlock and earn many famous and fantastic characters. They can also unlock powerful weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and many gears to customize the load-outs. After upgrading these load-outs, the players can use them with unique strategies; to win the battles, and players have to use them at the right moment for effective results. The game provides these load-outs every few days, and the players will have to complete special missions to unlock these load-outs for them.

Purchase options in cod mobile

call of duty mod apk- store and guns

The cod apk game has its store to purchase fantastic characters and powerful weapons. These weapons can be purchased by the cod points, which players must earn by completing particular tasks and winning the battles. The game gives the features and details of every weapon and equipment, which players can carefully read before purchasing.

Unique features of COD MOBILE GAME 

cod mod apk - operator skills

The cod mobile game has many unique characters with stunning graphics and high-quality audio. The game has different sound effects; for every different moment, from the gunfire to the jumping of the characters, sound effects are amazing, especially when earphones are plugged in. This game has two progress systems to improve and classify the players.

  • First is the game level in which the players will be classified, from the 1st to the 150th level, the highest.
  • And in the second system, there are ranked matches.
  • The players have to fight an intensive battle with skilled players; to increase their ranks.
  • The rank starts from a rookie, and the final rank is given to the legendary skilled player.
  • The game’s user interface is straightforward and friendly, with smooth and easy controls.
  • The control system is fully customizable; so that the players will not face any difficulty and give the best performance.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

To enjoy COD mobile games, invite your friends and play along with them. It is free to download and play. So please enjoy it.


How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

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