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Are you struggling with managing time for important tasks in your everyday life? Generally, school, college, or university students face these issues a lot as they have to attend classes daily, which takes up most of their daytime. Yet, they get less time to do other work. So these students need to have a routine daily timetable that sums up all their tasks and assignments in one place.

To help you out with this problem, we have come up with a CLASS TIMETABLE APK that ensures to keep all your upcoming tasks and gets you reminders for the same on the required time. To know more about this application and give it a try, look at the full article below and kindly click on the download link to get this app’s apk directly to your phone. By downloading this app from our website, you will get its paid features.

showing the original icon of class timetable mod apk. with this app you can keep track of your schedule. carefully organize your task with class timetable mod apk. mark your tasks with different colours to different easily.

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with this app you can keep track of your schedule.

CLASS TIMETABLE APK is a very useful application designed for all types of Students. Usually, students get stressed due to remaining assignments and other tasks as they have to attend their institutions and get so much work. Due to the absence of a proper schedule, they often procrastinate and later regret it. That’s why we have the best solution for it. I.e., CLASS TIMETABLE APK. This application helps set your routine daily timetable according to your preferences and tasks. This allows a lot in boosting a person’s motivation and productivity level.

With this application, you can create your daily timetable very easily. The important tasks and assignments can be highlighted using different color codes and bookmarks. It helps you in gaining clarity in all your work. You can use these color codes to distinguish between various tasks or for clarity according to their importance or deadlines. This timetable application is very efficient and helpful for students in organizing their homework.

Let’s have a look at the unique features provided by this application.


carefully organize your task with class timetable mod apk.

Personal Timetable

Here, you can create your personalized timetable with your upcoming tasks and assignments. You can schedule your tasks daily, weekly, and monthly too. You can easily know about your upcoming deadlines and can easily complete your projects on time. On smartphones, it can be tricky to observe the whole month’s schedule. It has a rotation feature available that can help you view the entire timetable at once.

Easy to Use

It is very convenient and easy to use. It has been designed in such a simple way that students will not face any problems while using it. Users also tend to complete their tasks timely when they can easily see their timetable.

Color Coding

As you may know, every feature is impressive here, but this feature can be the start feature of this application as it allows users to color-code their tasks accordingly. This feature helps the user most while accomplishing a task. It has very vibrant color bookmarks available that give a very positive vibe to the user.


It has a very remarkable reminder feature that reminds you of the tasks you need to complete at that time. There will be much less chance of you being lazy or unproductive with this. The reminder can be used especially for the important tasks that have to be completed in less time. The reminder does not let you forget the important events. Not just a reminder, it gives more functions like tick and mark to do on the tasks being completed.

Very Helpful

This application is such a useful app that it reduces the user’s stress very much. By using this application, students can fully focus on their tasks or their respective work rather than overthinking all left work. This app collectively keeps all your tasks in one place and gives clarity in planning your day.

Homescreen widget

This app’s icon can also be used as a home screen widget. It creates a shortcut to visit the timetable and observe the tasks and their timings. Very few applications provide this feature. As it is a timetable app, you need to see it a lot more times. So by this feature, it will become easier for you to go through your daily schedule.

Different modes

There are dark and light modes available. You can use this app in a light or dark manner as per your wish.


mark your tasks with different colours to different easily.

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Can anyone use this app?

Yeah, sure, basically it is made to help students. But anyone can use this app to schedule their daily routine.

Is it free?

Yes, you can download it at no cost from our website with all the features.

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