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Do you love playing clash of clans? Then we have found a perfect app for you. Use the clash of lights app to play clash of clans. It helps you get coins, gems, and elixir to advance in the game. Now, build your empire with resources and get the upper hand in the game.

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get the latest soldiers in your troop.

Clash of clan game is one of the most popular strategy games on the smartphone platform. Users spend lots of resources and time in this game. It allows you to build your village in a fort and maintain an army of soldiers. Attack and defend the towns. The soldiers are fantastic characters with unique skills and abilities. Use these abilities while planning your strategy.

Clash of light’s latest version lets you play the clash of clans with a personalized server. It enables you to get resources. Use these resources to build your unformidable fort and invincible army. You can build walls and other infrastructure instantly with the help of gems and coins. Maximize your level and become the best in the game.

Playing this game is very easy, and it is similar to the clash of clans game. You can use your supercell id to play your game or start afresh with a new id. It is a hack version of the app and gives you an upper hand in the game. The game gives you lots of troops to train instantly with other resources. You can get the latest version of the game from any third-party website like this as it is not available in the google play store.


unlimited gems to use.

Get resources

This game lets you have resources in your account. You can use these resources to build your village, make walls, and instantly train your army. Now, no more waiting for training army or building infrastructure. You can have any character in your army. Increase your capacity and build an unformidable empire.


The game is just like the original clash of Clans game. You can play using your supercell id or start refresh. The game doesn’t experience any lag or freezes while playing the game. Private Servers of Clash of Lights save you enough time to increase your resources and power without any lags.

Self-attacking mode.

One of the most valuable features of the game is its self-attacking mode. This mode helps you increase your rating and level. It attacks finding suitable villages and attacks with a good strategy.

Made allies

Make new allies just like the original game. Give and receive troops to your friends. Start a war and win wars. Make a formidable village that can’t be destroyed and win tons of battles with your friends.


The interface and gameplay of the game are just similar to the clash of Clans game. The game looks elegant and has fantastic animations.

Pros and cons

make a invincible defence of your village.


  • You will get 99% up-time now. Use it to win the game in that ample time.
  • Tons and free resources like gems, coins, and elixir.
  • The self-attacking mode lets you attack with a pre-planned strategy.
  • Save and resume your game wherever you have left before leaving the game.
  • New modes and trophies make the game more exciting.


  • The game is not available in the google play store. You have to download it from a third-party site, which can be risky.
  • If you use your supercell id while playing the game, there is a risk of your account getting banned.

Other information

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Watch the gameplay of the new clash of lights:


Clash of lights game review?

Clash of lights gets mixed reviews. Some users find it very useful and easily accessible, but others face lags and ban while using the app.

How to download clash of lights?

You will not find the game in the google play store. Download the clash of lights’ latest version from the website by following the steps given above in the article.

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