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If you are looking for an efficient education app that will help you in your homework of all the subjects with expertise. Then Chegg study apk is definitely for you. Read more about this app in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

upload pictures in the chegg mod apk to get the answers

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get solution of the questions from the experts.

Chegg study apk is one of the most popular education apps with many unique and amazing features for you. With this app, you can get personalized support for your homework. Now due to this app, you don’t have to search books and websites for solutions. You can instantly get your solution with a single click. This app has a large library of fully explained questions, step by step. You can get solutions for 80 subjects from maths, English, science to business studies. It covers the questions of graduation and post-graduation courses for your ease. Chegg will help you solve the toughest questions and assignments which you don’t find anywhere.

And even if the answer to a question is not in the app, then don’t worry. Some experts will solve the questions for you. You can permit notification and instantly get notified when the question is solved. The flashcards will help you to revise the topic which you have learned. Already more than millions of students have used this app to solve their homework. You can download the latest version of the Chegg apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

there are more than 55 million solutions in the chegg library.

Video solutions

If you are not able to understand the solution in text format, then don’t worry. In this app, you can even get the video solutions of your questions and more clearly understand the concept. All the videos are made by experts so there are no errors in them. All the solutions are with step-by-step explanations for your ease. It has a massive growing library of solutions. You can instantly get the solution to your assignments and questions.

Snap the photos of your questions

Sometimes, there are special symbols and characters in the questions which you can’t type. So to solve this problem, you just click the photo of the question and this app will automatically detect the texts and give you the solution. This also saves you a lot of time and from all the trouble of typing the questions. With this feature, it will hardly take a minute to find the solution to your questions. And if the solution to a question is not available then the expert will send you the answer in less than 30 minutes.

Access features for free

If you will use the original app then you have to buy a paid subscription to access the features. But in the version, you can use all the features without spending any money. There are more than 500 flashcards that you can access to revise your topics. Chegg study apk has practice questions that you can solve and clear your concepts. And after the test, this app will automatically check the questions and give you the score.

Smart UI

Chegg apk has a well-organized and user-friendly interface for you. It is designed by the top professionals with extreme care in such a way that you can have the best user experience. All the questions are divided into different subjects so that you can easily find the solution to your questions. To help you prepare for your exam, this app gives you the freedom to create and study your decks of flashcards. The experts in this app are available for your help 24/7.

Unique features

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • It has low battery consumption.
  • There are no ads to watch.


this is the official log of the chegg mod apk.

Why install Chegg study apk?

With a large growing community, Chegg study apk is among the top education apps on the play store. With this app, you can instantly get personalized support for your homework. Hinge has a massive growing library of solutions with step to step explanations for your help. This app covers over 80 subjects and also graduation and post-graduation. You just have to click the photo of the questions and it will automatically answer the questions. And if the solution of the question is given then the expert will solve it for you and give the solution in less than 30 minutes. The experts are available for you 24/7 for your convenience. You don’t need any paid subscription to access the features, you can access them all for absolutely free.

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