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Are you a kitty lover? Do you also feel that pet animals are better and more loyal than humans? Do you have a kitten at your home or in the neighborhood? Or are you one of them who are planning to keep one at your home? If you are relating to any of these questions. Then, we have brought an amazing application for you to be with you everywhere every time in taking care and knowing more about the cats. The app is CAT SCANNER: Breed Recognition, a best friend-like app for all cat lovers out there.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

If you want to give it a try then click the download links given below to get the mod apk version of this app with all premium features for free of cost. If you want to know more about its features before downloading. Then, you can kindly read the full article below to know about its features in brief.

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identify cat breeds by clicking photos.

Cat scanner is one of the best apps available nowadays that can be your buddy in knowing everything related to cats. The application finds out accurate cat breed information in just seconds. its the best cat breed You need to upload your pet’s best clear image from your gallery to the app. And if your kitty is looking pretty at that time, you can click his/her instant picture on the app and can upload it. It has a large database of information about almost all cat breeds.

It contains their breed’s names, images, and descriptive information about each of them. Furthermore, It does not only tell you about the breed’s name. With this, it has a separate social networking space in the application where you can see many kitten owners like you. Everyone can post their Cat’s daily activities and their adorable images. You can like and comment on other posts. This app is an cat breed scanner online for free.

It has a very fun and entertaining side also that will keep you entertained in your leisure times. You can match your friend’s and family’s faces to the cats and get to know which cats breed they are similar to. And it is an sandcat scanner as well.

Unique Features

you can also find the percentage of mixed breeds in a particular cat.

Breed identifier

Cats can be seen very commonly anywhere. It can be at your home or in a park or streets anywhere. But do you know what breed it is? Most of us do not.

Imagine you have a pet cat and you want to know your neighborhood stray cats’ breeds. So that you can get a similar breed cat for your cat to be its friend. Worry not if you do not know about it. Because CAT SCANNER will help you best in identifying every cat breed. Just pick out your phone and click its image and upload it on the app. The app will tell you the most accurately and possibly its breed in very less time.

Sometimes the cats are of mixed breed and it feels very complicated to know the separate breed ratios. To solve this issue, the app shows you the breed result in a pie chart form that clears your doubt of the percentage of separate breeds mixed.

Brief information about all breeds

The app does not only give you information about your pet cat breed. It has huge data about more than 65 breeds of cats around the world. You can access the whole information and read them to learn more about the cat kingdom. It has every specific breed’s brief information with names and images. This place can be said not to be less than a paradise for cavers. Because they will get here brief knowledge about every cats’ breed without scanning any of them.

Cat lovers community

In this app, you will get to see all the cat lovers of the world in a place together. This app has a great unique feature of social networking here. It provides a platform for all kitty lovers to meet and know and embrace the cat community. You can see here a lot of cat images and videos that other people post daily. You can see many different cats over here of very different breeds.

Fun activity

It is not only about the cat’s world. It has an amazing feature that people can enjoy using the most. The user can scan any of his friends and family members in the app. After scanning, the app will tell you the cat breed name of which their face is similar. It can be very interesting to know about our cat’s character. It can be a very fun activity to pass your leisure time easily.


It has an amazing feature of gamification available. Like Pokemon go, you have to scan the most number of cat breeds to get on a higher level and to be the cat expert.

Extra Features

  • The app camera has features to zoom by pinch in and focus by touching on-screen to get a clear image of cat.
  • You can share your image directly from the app with anyone.
  • It has an option of user comment also. If the user is not satisfied with the result, the app will give tips to improve the results.
  • Very accurate breed recognition capability.
  • you will not get this much accurate cat breed scanner online.


cat scanner mod apk is so fast it gives answers in a few seconds.

What is cat scanner app ?

Cat Scanner app lets you identify your cat’s breed online in just a few seconds for free.

Is there an app for identifying cats?

Yes, the Cat Scanner app lets you identify your cat’s breed in seconds.

How to use cat scanner?

You can just use the cat scanner app to scan your cat and after running few scans the app can show you what’s your cat’s breed is.

Is cat scanner app accurate?

Yes, absolutely this app is accurate and also works on rare cat breeds.

How can you identify your cat’s breed?

Its simple just use cat scanner app to identify your cat’s breed.

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