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If you are looking for a role-playing game in which you can enjoy the adventure of camping and have fun. Then the Camp Buddy app for android is definitely for you. Read more about this game in the article given below.

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About Camp Buddy Mod

Watch different characters in this game.

Camp buddy mod apk is one of the most popular role-playing game apps. The theme of this game is based on the erotic visual novel with the gay topic. In this game, you can experience adventure and romanticism while camping in the Jungle. The storyline is about a boy named Keitaro who meets his roommate and childhood friends during the summer scout and guide camp. All its friends share their stories and personalities. Due to some conflicts, some campers threaten to close the camp. But Keitaro decides to reunite the canteens and make the summer camp a happy place for everyone.

In camp buddy, you have to help Keitaro in making his decision and developing his relationship with his chosen partner. Together with Keitaro, you can make a lot of new friends and experience life in a summer scout camp. The choices you make will decide the outcome of the story so you have to carefully make decisions. You can play this game on both low and High-end devices due to its lightweight and low battery consumption. Already more than thousands of gamers around the world have played this game. You can download the latest version of camp buddy mod apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

See the different menu options to use in Camp Budy mod apk.

Different chapters

In camp buddy mod apk, the story of the game is divided into different chapters and you can play them one by one. In each chapter, you will experience twists and turns which will never let you get bored. You will meet new characters with whom you can interact. There will be a new kind of situation in which you have to decide for Keitaro. Camp buddy has more than 75 hours of gameplay for you in which you can enjoy the adventures of summer scout.

Customizable Avatars

This game has a collection of many spectacular avatars from which you can choose your favorite ones. Each avatar has a unique style, body structure, and personality which you can even customize according to yourself. There is even a dressing room for your avatars in which you will find many stylish outfits. All the avatars and outfits in this game are unlocked so you don’t have to wait. With Just a single click, you can choose your favorite avatar and outfits.

Age Restricted

This game has an age restriction for those below 18 years due to the content which can affect them emotionally. The story of this game is based on the novel Which has explicit scenes. The graphics language is harsh for children and that’s why it was removed from the play store. But anyone over the recommended age can freely watch the content and enjoy the romanticism. You can enjoy the ad-free experience and play camp buddy mod apk.

Stunning graphics and sound effects

Camp buddy mod apk has high-quality animated graphics for you, which make your gaming more astonishing. All the elements are designed with the utmost care of finest detail. You can freely explore the 3D green forest and interact with new NPCs in every chapter. This game has a sweet original soundtrack which you can enjoy while playing. For every character, there are different voiceovers so you have a realistic gaming experience. You can interact with other characters in a text chat game.

Popular Features of Camp Buddy apk

  • The highway along your journey will have lots of fun destinations to roam around.
  • National parks are amazing to explore, have great adventures with your buddy, and also set a camp.
  • Camping is the most fun activity you can do in this game, you can set up a camp even at a farm station or at home.
  • All these three parks “TopTourist, BIG4, and OZ” have caravan facilities.
  • In the game, in the UK you will find lots of caravan parks.
  • You will observe lots of scenic viewpoints to enjoy the moment with your buddy.
  • All three “BP, Shell, and Caltex” have gas stations of their own.
  • You can enjoy landfills that are open to the public.
  • Use OpenStreetMap for accurate navigation.
  • With every update, you will find new campsites.

Why install camp buddy mod apk?

Make lots of friends and have fun in this game.

With a large growing community, camp buddy mod apk is among the top role-playing games. The storyline of this game is based on the camp buddy novel which is quite interesting. In this game, you can experience adventure and romanticism in a summer scout. The main character of this game is Keitaro who meets his childhood and roommate friends in a summer scout. You will have to help Keitaro in making his decision and maintaining his relationship with his partner.

In this game, the whole story is divided into several chapters which you can play one by one. In every chapter, you will discover new stories and interact with new characters. This game has more than 75 hours of gameplay for you. You will find many different avatars, each with a unique personality and physique. It even has a collection of stylish outfits which you can try on your avatars. Through camp buddy Wikipedia, you can know more about the story of the camp buddy novel.

Unique features

  • You can play the foreplay mini-game.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can play this game on both low and high-end devices.


  • It has an age restriction for people below 18 years.
  • It has some minor bugs.


  • New avatars are added.
  • It is a simple and fun game to play.
  • It had easy-to-remember controls.

FAQs about Camp Buddy Game

Is Camp Buddy Apk free?

Yes, this game is completely free and users won’t be charged for this.

Why does Camp Buddy APK not work?

In case the app is outdated you can just update it from our site popularapk. And if the app is still not working then reinstalling the app may work.

How Do I Update Camp Buddy APK?

See it won’t get updated based on an automatic process or from the play store. You will have to visit our site every month or once in two weeks to check whether a new update is available or not.

How long does it take to complete the camp buddy apk?

It will take around 23hrs 41 mins to complete camp buddy.

How old do you have to be to play Camp buddy?

At Least 13 years old

How to play Camp buddy on iOS?

Well, there is no iOS version of Camp buddy, so you cannot play on iOS.

How to download camp buddy mod apk?

To download the camp buddy mod apk game, you can click on the direct download link which you will find at the end of this article on our website.

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