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With the advancement in phone technology and calling features. We get a lot of features and options on our phones. There are a lot of features that need to be managed. We brought you an app that will help you manage the calling function of your phone. Use the call app apk

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What is callapp apk?

Record your phone calls

Callapp is a caller id and phone call recording app that will help you manage calls on your device. We receive tones of messages and calls daily. Many calls are genuine, coming from an unknown number. Some of them are actual frauds trying to scam you. Callapp apk has an extensive contacts database that will let you know in advance the detail of an unknown number. The pre-notifications will help you differentiate between essential and junk calls.

You can also block any repeated number. The app learns from users’ databases and assigns spam to call numbers. Many times it will save your time and protect you from fraud callers. You can also search any number in its database if you get any missed call from an unknown number. This way, you can be sure of the relevance of that missed call.

The new phones coming on the market have removed the call recording functions from their phones. Many people download and use third-party apps for recording their calls. Now, you don’t have to download any other app, as you can use the call recording function of the collapp app. There are also advanced functions that will stop automated calls.



Block spam calls

The interface of the callapp is simple yet looks impressive. It gives a premium feel while operating the app. The interface is customizable, and you can change it to a dark theme. The app doesn’t cover a lot of space on your device and runs smoothly in the background. You can receive a call notification even when your caller doesn’t connect with your call.

Caller ID

Many times we receive missed calls from unknown numbers. You can search those numbers in the callapp database. You will get the caller’s name and know if it is a spam call. You can block numbers with its advanced options.


Apart from managing calls, it will also manage your contacts. You can blocklist and save information of many numbers in your directory. Add their name, email address, Facebook account and photos for easy access. Your directory will automatically be updated when an unknown number calls.


The call app database updates their data when they receive new calls and users assign their tags. The more the users of this app, the more data the app updates to its database. Its database will save all your call information and names in the system and any other app users will receive from these contacts. The name automatically shows on their screen.

Pros and cons


  • The interface here is simple, and all the features are easy to use.
  • You can use the app to record your phone calls, as many new smartphones have removed this feature.
  • You can search for any unknown number in its vast database.
  • Add numbers to the blacklist if your want to avoid them.
  • Save yourself from fraud and spam calls very quickly.


  • One of the most significant disadvantages of the app is the number of ads that comes in it. The ads keep on interfering in between.
  • Many a time calls recorder doesn’t work.
  • Apps keep on asking for unnecessary permissions and can be a privacy concern.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link on the google play store. Read more about the app and its reviews here.

How to setup call app:


Is the callapp free?

Callapp app is free to use. But it has many features that are available only to premium users of the app. You must take the app subscription to become a premium user.

How to get the app?

Download the app from the google play store. You can download the latest version of callapp apk from this site. Just follow the steps given above in the article and get the app instantly.

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