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There are many apps for entertainment and hobbies on our site, but this time we brought a new application that will benefit you if you are a student or preparing for any entrance exam. This time, we’re getting Byju’s apk. You may already know about this app. It was previously called GradeUp and was very popular among students. If you are new to this name, then don’t worry. In this article, we have given every piece of information regarding the app.

To learn more about Byju’s app, read the following article.

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Technology has made many advancements in different sectors of our lives. And one of these sectors is the education sector. The coming of the internet and affordable electronic devices has made education very accessible, even to the marginal sections of our society. We can’t learn from our country’s best teachers while sitting at home taking their online classes. Youtube also revolutionized education by providing an accessible platform to both students and teachers. If you are in school or preparing for any competitive examination, you may also have searched on YouTube to study or clear a vital topic. Many names on the internet provide free materials and educational content. Gradeup is a name that is very popular among students.

You can access the grade-up content through their YouTube channel, website, or app. The grade-up is now owned by the Bryju’s, so you have to search for the Bryju’s content. Byju’s is already a great name in the education sector. They provide a vast range of educational services on the net. The app has different sections for different students preparing for different goals. Some students may study for their school exams, and some may prepare for UPSC, SSSC, or MBA entrance exams. On accessing the app for the first time, they will ask for your preferences, and you will get the contents for that particular exam only. Learn more about the features of the app by reading the features below.



The app is personalised according to your needs.

The interface of Byju’s was already very smooth and accessible. After owning it by the byju’s, they have made new positive changes that make it more interesting. You can choose your preferred exam, and you will get all the content regarding that only. There are some free online classes for different topics. If you like the teaching methods and content they provide, you can take the entire course at affordable rates.

Test series

When you prepare for some competitive exam, you know that knowledge is not enough to clear it. You have to be an expert at solving particular types of questions fast. There are test series options in Byju’s app to help you perfect that section. These mock tests are designed keeping in mind the previous year’s exam papers’ patterns and syllabus. You will gain experience managing your time effectively before the exam, improving your performance.

Practice section

Take live online classes.

The practice section is also significant and helpful in the app. If you are preparing for any exam, you can use Byju’s apk to practice the recently learned topics. This section contains practice questions that you can attempt without any time frame. You can choose a particular subject or even any topic in that subject to practice. The practice questions generally are previous year’s questions or some new questions.

Advantages and disadvantages


The interface is easy to use and feels premium while using it.

The app contains many free test series and online class videos to start your preparation.

The Practice section gives an excellent practice of any topic you are preparing for.

There are personalized courses that are available for almost all the competitive examinations, from jee to UPSC.

Get advantage of two teachers.


Some users faced problems with the video player while watching any video from the app.

The new updates are creating a lot of problems for users.

There are some bugs in the app that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link to the Google Play Store from here. You can read the reviews and more about it there. 


What are some other platforms like Byju’s apk for online education?

Some other platforms like byju’s are adda247, testbook, exam prep, unacademy, and others.

How to get the app? 

Download the byju’s apk from the google play store or download the apk from this site by following the steps above in the article.


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