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If you are Looking for a simulation in which you can enjoy school life full of adventures. Then Bully Apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about this android game’s features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Bully android game

play other mini games like boxing in bully.

Bully apk for android is one of the most popular simulation game apps. It has many unique and amazing features for you. The storyline of this game is quite interesting and full of adventures. In this simulation game, you can enjoy the adventures of a student named Jimmy. This game is about the social hierarchy of the corrupt prep school that students face. They have to fight against the bullies and were picked on by teachers. The decisions or choices you make will decide the outcome of the story of Jimmy. You can play pranks and beat the jocks at dodgeball.

There are many different mini-games which will make you get bored. Due to its fun gameplay, you will feel addicted to this game. It has a user-friendly and interactive interface due to which anyone can easily play this game. You can play bully apk on both low and high-end devices. Do some exciting experiments in your school’s chemistry lab and have fun. Already more than 100 thousand gamers from all over the world have played this game. You can download the latest version of bully apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

fight other characters

Several mini-games

In this game, there are many interesting and adventures mini-game. All the games will come one by one as the story continues. You can compete with other students in class and see who dissects the frog fastest in biology. It has a wordplay game in which you solve word problems in English. You can even join boxing in your school and beat your enemies. Help the flying squirrels hit their enemies with nut shots and explore the 3d city on your skateboard.

Multiplayer mode

I’m bored playing alone in this game and you can try the multiple modes in it. You can play with random players from all over the world and make new friends. Or you can invite your friends by sending them an online request. You can challenge anyone in turn-based games and earn more money by beating them. If you are not online then this game will not notify you when it’s your turn.

Easy controls

Bully apk has simple and easy-to-play controls. It has intelligent touch controls with contextual buttons for your convenience. In all the mini-games, you will see on-screen options which will have a clear guide. Anyone can comfortably play this game due to its interactive interface. The control system is redesigned in such a way that it can accommodate all touch types. The more you play this game the more fascinating you will find it.

Impressive graphics and sound effects

To make your gaming experience more amazing, this game has high-quality graphics for you. It has improved lightning and texture visual effects. You can freely explore the 3D classrooms, chemistry labs, boxing ring, and many more. In every chapter, you will discover new places and characters. This game also has various soundtracks to play in the background. It has special sound effects to make your gaming realistic. With its native support, you can enjoy the high-resolution display. All the elements in the game are designed with extreme care for every single detail.


Why install Bully apk?

use meth lab to sell drugs in this game

With the large growing community, Bully apk is among the top simulation games. In this game, you can play the role of a student named Jimmy and enjoy school life. This game is about the problems that generally students face in schools nowadays. Help Jimmy fight against the bullies and do experiments in the lab. The decisions or choices that you will make decisions the outcome of the story.

There is much different mini gameplay such as dissecting frogs, word problem solving, dodgeball, boxing, and many other adventurous games. You can play them one by one as they come into the game. Bully apk also has a multiplayer game mode which you can play with your friends or random gamers around the world. In the turn-based gameplay, you will automatically get the notification when your turn comes.

It has simple and easy-to-remember controls which makes your gaming easier. Its control system is designed in such a way that it can accommodate all touch types. In the version, all the features are free. There is no paid subscription needed to play this game, all the characters and levels are already.

Unique features

bully is now available for android

  • It is enhanced with immersion touch sense tactile effects.
  • You can play this game offline also.
  • It has physical controller support.


  • Sometimes it may lag on low-end devices.
  • It has some minor bugs.


virtual man in suit in bully android game

  • There is new content in the game every often.
  • There are no irritating ads to watch.
  • It has High-quality graphics and stunning sound effects.
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