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Do you love to cook food and try to prepare new dishes but don’t know much about the different cuisines? Then Budget Byte is the must-have application for you? That helps you to prepare exotic dishes at home and on a minimum budget. Download Apk now!

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get the budget bytes app now.

Budget Bytes is a unique and special application if you are looking for the best and exotic dishes recipes. This application provides you with hundreds of exotic recipes which you can prepare at your home without spending thousands of money going out to fine dining restaurants. Budget Bytes apk also provides you with special recipes for weight loss, weight gain, and food rich in protein.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or professional this app will help you learn about different recipes from scratch. One of the best things about this application is that all these recipes were personally created by ‘Beth moncel’ who is the author and the winner of “Saveur’s best How-to food blog in 2016”. This application’s main aim is to people enjoy exotic and international dishes at their homes and which suites your budget.

All the recipes are written in very easily understandable language. And without using any difficult words. This application has videos to explain to you the stepwise preparation of the dish. This application has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. It has an interesting feature in which you can upload your specialty dish recipe. Budget Bytes apk has millions of users those upload their recipes.


Main features

create cookbooks to save your favorite recipes.

Exotic recipes

This application has hundreds of different international recipes which include different cuisines specialties. Not only that it also provides you with recipes which you can prepare daily.

Recipes sharing

Budget byte has a special feature that allows you to share your post and upload your specialty dish recipe and other million users can see, like, or comment on that. This application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Special diet plan

This application offers you special recipes for weight loss or weight gain according to your choice. And has option for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For your care shows Green dot, Red dot, and Orange dot before every dish recipe, so you can have a better experience and awareness!

Video tutorial

This app will offer you not only reading recipes but video tutorials and prepare the dish step by step so anybody and cook food easily. All the videos are of high quality. And either going to fine dining restaurant and the high amount you can enjoy them at home in the budgeted amount.


Unique features

how the app looks from inside.

Step-by-step guidance — budget byte helps you to learn your favorite recipe step by step. You can prepare the dish like professionals and enjoy international dishes, and with the same taste at home. All the recipes show you are all pocket-friendly.

Personalized plans —This application provides you with dishes according to your health and fitness goals. It helps you achieve these goals as diet plays a very important role in fitness.

Adding notes — People usually have pen and paper while cooking and jot down important points to remember in the future. Instead of writing on paper, this application directly saves these notes on your phone.

Social media unification — Preparing the food and taking photos of it and posting it on social media is trending nowadays this application gives this feature to do so and even other people can send you like they can comment on that post or even share with their friends.


Why budget bytes apk?

budget bytes mod apk - my stomach is full and my wallet is too

There are many other food-related applications online but budget bytes apk is the best among them because it shows you an international dish recipe but budget form and even provides you everyday menu. By downloading this application you can get all the exotic dishes recipes while sitting at your home.

Without spending thousands of money on restaurants and hotels, you can enjoy those dishes at your home without paying that much amount. You can also filter recipes by the price of the ingredients used in that dish. You can adjust the recipe according to the serving size, so the food extra food doesn’t go in the dumpster.


delicious recipes for small budgets

  • The easy cooking learning application.
  • Reduce your grocery bill.
  • Helps in saving thousands of restaurants.
  • Personalized diet plan.
  • Exotic recipes.
  • Video step-by-step guidance.

Minor Glitches

sample article for blog in budget bytes.

  • Assiduous work
  • Signing in problem
  • Do not have every dishes

Unique features

  • Simple features
  • Free subscription
  • Sync with notepad


Other resources

simple vegetarian recipes with budget bytes.

  1. Get the app on the Google Play store.
  2. Follow its page on Twitter.
  3. To get bonus recipes for free, follow their Instagram page.


FAQ’s about Budget Bytes

affordable date night recipes

Positive thoughts of budget bytes apk users

  1. Saves money.
  2. Step-by-step instruction made this app more helpful.
  3. Add favorite recipes to a cookbook.
  4. Try new and exotic dishes at home.

Similar applications like budget bytes apk

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. Please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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