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Bravo Cleaner: Speed Booster is an amazing Android phone cleaner app, which focuses on cleaning junk files, boosting speed, cooling down the CPU, minimizing battery usage, and cleaning up photos. This app clears cache files to optimize your phone’s storage. It also contains a unique cleaning mechanism to clean up TikTok and WhatsApp, boost your phone effectively, cool down the phone, and save battery power for SNS apps to provide you with a seamless user experience. Download this one-tap smartphone cleaner(Bravo Cleaner Apk) now and get rid of all the junk that’s hindering you from technology’s fast experience. It makes your phone faster than ever.

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Bravo Cleaner Features

Junk Cleaner Master

use junk cleaner to free up your phone's space.

Upset about the lag in your games or videos?

Nowadays, with heavy games with heavy graphics like PUBG, Asphalt, etc. your phone may lag sometimes which may be caused by various reasons but mainly due to needless junk using your phone storage.

Bravo Cleaner Apk automatically scans and cleans the phone’s memory, app cache, junk files, RAM, temp files of SNS apps, hence freeing up storage space and boosting the phone’s performance and speed. Now get a comfortable experience on Android phones in just one touch.

Smart Phone Booster

Is your Android phone running heavily?

Aren’t you tired of using your heavily slow phone which at times takes 5 minutes just to respond to a tap you made to open a single app? It is frustrating to wait for such a long time just for such simple tasks even with today’s advancement in android phones.

Bravo Cleaner booster in real-time effectively frees up your mobile storage and cleans up RAM, extremely optimizes the space by clearing out huge junk files, cache data, APK files, browser history if required, making the experience on Android phones faster and more accessible as a result.

Cooler CPU & Cooling Down Phone Temperature

No one likes to hold a phone in their hand that is heated up all the time. Also, it’s a fact that a heated phone may reduce its lifetime and battery’s lifetime. Apart from life when the phone gets heated up it slows down most of the functions and also users may experience lag if playing games.

Bravo Cleaner Apk usefully detects and shuts down background apps to cool down the CPU temperature, drops down the phone’s temperature, frees up CPU usage, and protects your phone from being overheated. Cooler, comfortable, and sizzling phone experience from free app Bravo Cleaner.

Battery Saver & Extended Battery Life

use phone booster it will improve your phones performance.

A good battery backup is necessary for a good phone life and a good phone user experience. Sometimes, even if your android phone has good battery backup some apps, files or junk may drain your battery.

Bravo Cleaner very intelligently monitors and analyses battery consumption, closes battery-draining apps in time to help save battery power and extend battery life. Just one tap can save electricity and help Android users stay away from the everyday hustle to every time stay connected to the chargers.

Photos Clean

Clicking 10 photos for the perfect shot and after posting it on social media, the rest similar unwanted ones just occupy the storage space and you have to spend so much time selecting them all and deleting them every time.

Bravo Cleaner, which is a powerful photo manager app and an efficient photo optimizer. It cleans duplicate, similar and useless photos to create more space for your Android photos. It’s a safe, free and easy way to arrange your photos efficiently.

Magic SNS Apps Optimizer & Smart Doctor

Bravo Cleaner releases space for storing SNS apps, speeding up the communication, and boosting mobile effectively by clearing RAM of Tik Tok, WhatsApp, and other SNS apps. Through one tap to free up memories without worrying about removing the wrong files. This app acts as a phone optimizer, cleans deep cache to boost your and let your mobile stay clean.

Bravo Cleaner saves more and more room for your Android phone with its junk cleaner, phone booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, and photo cleaner function. With one-tap access to clean junk files to save space for SNS apps. With Bravo Cleaner, you experience a better cleaner app in watching videos, playing video games, and chatting with friends.

App Reviews

with this app you can use battery saver to improve battery backup.

  • keeps closing the same apps again and again and again. If it was a working app it would not have to be a problem. Because maybe a couple would automatically restart but not all.
  • It is annoying when doing important stuff but at the same time, it is really helpful.
  • Too many of these apps stick together and you get the wrong app. But several of the cleaner apps are very good.
  • It’s a nice app with good cleaning features and also CPU temperature control but with a little less interruption with app notifications, it could be better.

Special Features

bravo cleaner mod apk has cpu cooler which prevents over heating.

  • In this phone booster and clear app, you can experience certain special features like user-friendly pop windows. Through which you can perform any of the main functions of the app through one single touch. Like phone clean, CPU cool down, battery saver, deep clean, or even turn on the flashlight. Notifies you about CPU’s heating up so you can cool it down.
  • Buy the premium version of this app. To enjoy the premium features like No Ads, Auto Fast Clean, Auto Phone optimization, and priority customer care request-response.

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