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There are thousands of games available that you can play on your smartphone. You can play games of different genres like action, arcade, racing, etc. All these games give an adrenaline rush to the players who play them. But some games will not give you an instant lift of enjoyment but are equally exciting to play. You can play them to test and train your brain. A similar game called the brain test apk is available on the google play store that you can give a try.

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Brain test apk is a simple puzzle game, but the puzzles it provides are not your conventional puzzles. It gives its users daily situations that need some logical reasoning more than your daily routine. The game has access to thousands of different types of questions that let you use your brain. There is no accepted pattern and practice to solve these questions. Each question will take its unique way to solve it. There is also an option of getting some hints, but it is also limited.

The game is simple, and there is no time limit. You will have plenty of time to use every possible way of solving the question. The question is animated based, so you can use the entire screen of your mobile to solve these questions. These are not your conventional questions, and you will require a different way of thinking to solve these.

There is no competition in the game. It is an entirely entertainment-based game. Enjoy the game by solving these, and you can also take your friends’ help to get past any challenging level in the game.



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The gameplay is simple, just like any other puzzle game. You will go up in the level by clearing the level below. The game’s difficulty also keeps increasing as you clear the level down. There will be some levels that will require some extra effort to clear it. There is no time limit and competition with other players. You can take much time as you want.

Simple riddle games.

There are some simple riddles in the game. You will not get questions like any other conventional puzzle game. All the questions are graphics-based, and you will require to use your entire brain capacity to solve these mysterious questions. It is an excellent way to pass your time. You can play it while commuting to your office or college. You will give a mind test to yourself and also train it.

Intuitive images

The puzzle images that the game provides are hand drawn. They look clean and do their work perfectly. Each quest will have a unique scenario with varied setups and many interactive elements for you to use.


available in more than 100 countries.

There are lots of problems in the game. You can have ample time to solve these. There is no time limit in the game. But on some levels, there are questions that we can say are tricky and are not easy to find solutions to. There are options of some hints that you can use along your game. But remember that the hints are limited, so use them wisely and use them in dire need only.

Pros and cons


  • The game is simple and small. There are no crashes and lags in the game.
  • The graphics and question design are clean, and the hand is drawn.
  • The brain test apk is an excellent way to pass your time and train your mind.
  • There are hundreds of levels in the game with some great puzzles.


  • The hints in the game are limited. Some questions are very tough and require hints to solve them.
  • There are way too many ads in the game. This made the game very frustrating to play.
  • The game is not meant for kids, as some puzzles are challenging, even for adults.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link on the google play store to read the reviews and learn more about the game.


What are other puzzles games that an android user can play?

Some popular puzzle games are brain find, trivia crack, smart brain, trivia quiz questions, brain up and others.

How to get the game?

You can download the game from the google play store or download the brain test apk from this site by following the steps given above in the article.

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