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Do you know what your IQ level is? If you want to see it, you can find it yourself by playing this brain-boosting game app called ‘Brain Out: can you pass it?’ Please read this article and learn all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Brain Out

most levels are based on common fallacies.

Brain Out is the best brain-boosting puzzle game which is very tricky. This game is very challenging and will test your IQ levels at every stage. The puzzles of this game will force you to use 100% of your brainpower. The trickiest puzzles are available in this game which can trap you in the same stage for hours. If you love puzzle games and mind-boggling challenges, then this game can be your next favorite. This game will analyze and evaluate your thinking ability, reflexes, accuracy, and memory power. Think as much as you can before answering if you don’t want to get tricked. The puzzles are designed based on real-life scenarios and choices you make in this game.

  • Your task can be anything from finding the killer to solving a riddle.
  • Most of them can be based on logical reasoning questions in which, according to the given scenario, you will have to answer.
  • You will have to analyze the situation and conditions provided in the puzzle before giving your answer.
  • Not only does this game involve having fun, but your problem solving, thinking, memory, and many more skills will develop over time.
  • Show your creativity and imagination power to analyze the puzzle conditions carefully.
  • You can improve your IQ by solving tricky puzzles.
  • These puzzles in the game are practically tested and proven.

Main features

guess the correct answer by applying simple logic

Brain Boosting puzzles

Play brain-teasing puzzles with this game app. Love solving the mysteries and finding who is the killer or predicting who can defeat the monsters. This game poses many different types of animated scenarios. In these scenarios, you will have first to analyze the situation and then make the decisions. These puzzles are logic-based, memory power, and ability-based thinking. You will have lots of fun solving them, and the results will shock you every time.

HQ Animations

use brain to clear levels and get hints.

Brain Out has the most high-quality animated puzzles. These puzzles have real-life scenes, all designed with amazing animations. With each level, these animations will become complex. Many objects in this game will increase in the single picture as your level increases. To make the choices, you will have to click on the right side of the image, and it is just a simple click-to-play scenario.

Improve IQ

Solving these puzzles will not only give you a fun feeling but will also help you to increase Mental strength. In particular, these puzzles help a person improve their IQ score, thinking abilities, memory power, and creativity. Improved mental strength will help you concentrate on your work. You can also achieve increased productivity by solving these puzzles because all the stress is released when you feel the joy of getting the correct answer to these puzzles.

Funny sound effects

tricky puzzle levels with interesting out of box thinking

With high-quality animations, this game also has funny sound effects. You will listen to these sound effects while playing these puzzles. There are also some funny visual effects you will see while playing. Correct answers to these puzzles will always be unexpected, and most players fall right into the trap while guessing. So don’t just guess the answers but find the right reason to solve each puzzle.

Why play Brain Out apk?

get unlimited tips in brain out mod apk

Brain Out apk is one of the best puzzle games you will ever play. Many reasons will tell you that this game is most fun and improves mental skills. There are lots of interactive and brain-teasing puzzles in this game, and play them once, and you will be addicted to it. These puzzles are in the form of fun animations. In these animations, you will explain different scenarios to you, and you have to make the right choice to win. The result of these choices will always be unexpected, so think a lot before you make choices. These animations are designed with superb HQ animations.

You will love the funny animations and funny sound effects of this game. Sound effects can be listened to better if you use earphones. Controls are easy to master, and levels of these puzzles will get tougher on an incremental basis.

Unique features

  • Moving animated puzzles to solve.
  • Funny sound effects are played while solving puzzles.
  • These Puzzles include mind-exercising qualities.
  • Answers to these puzzles will always be unexpected.
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