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Are you feeling lazy all the time? Energize your brain with brain-teasing puzzles that make you think attentive towards your work. We have an excellent suggestion for you called Brain Games- Impulse Brain training & Mind puzzles. Read this article if you want to know what this game is capable of.

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play this puzzle game in story mode and have fun.

Brain Games apk is an excellent puzzle game app built for mind training. Suppose you feel stressed and notice that your mind is not so productive anymore. Then you should try this game. This game will train your mind to be attentive and focused with its mind-boggling puzzles. This game has many fun puzzles that you will love to play. There are several types of mind teasing puzzles, logical, training, memory-boosting games that you can enjoy. Just play this game for once and become addicted to it. There are massive puzzles in this game that you can enjoy playing one by one.

The fun will never end, as the levels will only increase with every update. Improve your memory power and IQ levels by solving different types of attention and memory puzzles. This app is a sport rather than just a game, as it is the battleground for your brain to train. Scientifically solving puzzles and answering quizzes can help you to relieve stress. So, install this game on your phone to play anytime you want anywhere. This game is very similar to the impulse brain training IQ test, and the question is can you solve it?


improve your decision making skills and concerntration with brain games mod apk.

Categorized Puzzle Games

Brain Games apk is not just any regular puzzle game with continuous levels. This game has structured puzzle categories: attention games, accuracy games, and memory games. You can play and enjoy the puzzles from any of these three categories. To seek incredible memory power, play the memory puzzle games. If you want to improve your focus, then play attention games. If you are lacking in accuracy, enjoy solving accuracy puzzle games.

Attractive Animations

The animations of this game are stunning. All the puzzles are created with high-quality animations that make it very fun to play. This game is a complete package of riddles, tricky mazes, quizzes, and many more fun levels. They are designed with beautiful special effects that you will love to play. Colourful visuals will win your heart and make you addicted to this game.

Challenging Levels

This game has challenging levels, getting even harder to solve. Their difficulty levels will increase on an incremental basis. As you will clear the lower levels of the game, your rank will increase, and puzzles will also get challenging with the position. This way, the fun of Brain games apk never ends. With every update, your game will get to see new and enhanced puzzle levels. Each category will be filled with brand new creative riddles, tricks, mazes, quizzes, and much more fun.

Boosts Brain Power

This game is not only designed to have fun. It is a training ground for your brain. These puzzles help your brain improve its memory, attention and accuracy power. Boosts your IQ level to its highest potential. Allows you to relax and increase your productivity. Be more accurate by making tough decisions in the puzzles. Puzzle games help to increase the creativity and imagination power of your brain.

Why Play Brain Games apk?

sharpen your mind with this breain teasing puzzle game.

There are many reasons to play this game, especially for kids between 5 to 15 years of age. Puzzle games have always proved the best mind teasing exercise to boost your mental health. You can play puzzle games not only to have fun but also to increase your brainpower. For kids, this game, with its brain-boosting puzzles, can help in brain development. It helps to boost your thinking skills and IQ levels. It’s the Best training app for adults with the best puzzle games and quizzes that are always the best option to increase your focus and attentiveness. They release the stress of their work and can feel energized. For the bonus point, this game has many challenging levels updated every week. You will always find various puzzles, quizzes, tricks, riddles, mazes and many other logical exercises.

Unique features

  • Animated puzzles and other logical exercises
  • Fun and exciting sound effects to enjoy.
  • Twenty-four types of games and 500 levels to play.
  • Play puzzles in story mode to follow and track your progress, and all answers.


Is impulse training app for free?

Impulse training app offers three days of the free trial period to its users. Further, if you want to subscribe, then you can choose the plan which differs according to the country.

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