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Outside on a trip, and don’t know who calls you on your landline? Get a fritzbox and remote control it with this advanced app called BoxToGo. Read this article if you want to know all its features.

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see the call list on your phone remotely with this app.

BoxToGo apk is the most advanced modem remote control app. You can use this app to control all activities that you perform through your modem or routers. Through these routers, you connect various devices to LAN services like landline, pc to use the internet, and many more. So if you are out of your home or want to use the services remotely, you can download this app. This app allows you to control your router remotely with your smartphone. You can access its mainframe and see all the recorded data like viewing call lists, switching between answering machines or diverting calls, viewing your phonebook, reconnecting, or restarting the fritz box. And if supported, you can also control the features of your smart home.

If you have guests at home, you can give them wifi access remotely or block them. Restart and reconnect to your fritzbox remotely with this application. You can also control your home appliances if you have a smart home. This app is straightforward to use as the controls systems are straightforward. There are various themes for you to customize your app. There are also some advanced features like shutting down your pc laptop or taking screenshots remotely.


using boxtogo mod apk you can divert your calls drieclty.

  • You can operate multiple fritz boxes.
  • View call history and delete them if you want.
  • Activate the call diversions
  • You can restart and switch on your answering machines
  • You can view and edit Fritz! Box phonebook
  • Switch to wifi connection and even activate the wifi access for guests.
  • Through WPS and QR codes, you can connect new devices to Fritz! Box.
  • You can activate the speech output of various devices instantly.
  • Either restart or reconnect to the Fritz! Box.
  • Send or receive images, pdfs, and many more in faxes.
  • Run your computer remotely; after getting the access, you can take screenshots, turn the pc on, or shut it down.
  • Operate intelligent home appliances through this app.
  • Use the Fritz! Box click through the facility to dial calls
  • Make your work easier with awesome 22 widgets and shortcuts.
  • You will get a secure connection as your calls between Fritz and boxtogo are encrypted with SSL.

Why use BoxToGo apk?

check your mail box remotely using your smartphone.

There are various types of advanced features that this app contains. You can connect this app with your Fritz! Box to get remote access to all intelligent appliances of your home. Plus, you can access all the devices that are connected with LAN. Use your router to operate everything in your house. Answer or divert the calls and even view the call history. And you cannot only run one fritz box but multiple boxes can be paired with the app. Send PDFs, images, or any media file with fax using this app.

Control the smart home devices such as lights, heaters, etc., with this app from your smartphone. You cannot only see the call history, but you can even block a person. See all the call statistics and analyze the data to know who called for how many times. Setup your answering machine with this app, restart it or switch it on. You will get complete access to your computer, turn it off and on, take a screenshot, restart, hibernate, and take many more actions to use. Download the beta version of this app from our site and enjoy the benefits.

Unique features

  • Save calling charges with the call-through feature of this app.
  • Use reverse lookup to know the caller name
  • Thirty-two widgets and shortcuts to make the working convenient.
  • For parental control, you can limit internet access for your child.
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