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Ever wanted to watch the live streaming of popular and in-demand games? Today we brought you an application that you can use to watch the online streams of the games just like Twitch but made for India known as Booyah Apk.

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Booyah apk is an amazing application as it is also optimized for performance to maximize the battery life. It also helps keep the viewing latency as low as possible with the highest quality of the video playing on your device.

And What’s more about Booyah is that you can download it from our website. We are offering you the ad-free version with all of the features with it. So, there are no ads, and no in-app purchases that you might want to make would be there for free.

  • You can also use this application to stream your live play.
  • Popular games in live streaming are FreeFire, PUBG, Fortnight, Call of Duty, and more.
  • You can Co-stream with another user and let your audience view your playing coordination, wins, and excitement in the games.
  • This app is great for becoming an Influencer. If you want to make this a career, you should download this application and get ahead of other people.
  • Booyah apk gives you rewards for completing the tasks.

For Booyah apk download, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the screen.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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About Booyah

booyah premium lets you participate in challenges.

Booyah App is an android application that allows you to LiveStream your gameplay directly onto the social network. This is an easy-to-use application that will enable you to Livestream the games you play on your mobile devices. And not just that, you can also use this application. This application makes it easy for you to Livestream. It allows you to watch others’ Livestream when you are not live-streaming.

This is just like Twitch, but only better. This also gives you daily rewards for completing the tasks. There are rare boxes to be opened, so download booyah now and start streaming and reaping the rewards from this application reward system.

The good thing about the app is that all intrusive ads are removed from the application. You can focus on watching the gameplay without ads or streaming the game you are playing without any overheads of the ads. Additonally, you can explore the booyah diamond shop to get some items for free.

Noteworthy Features

choose from a wide variety of virtual characters skin in booya modconnect with other streamers n the go

  • Booyah app allows you to Steam live without any technicalities to be taken care of.
  • You can LiveStream as long as you want without any charges.
  • There is no limitation on the quality of the video you Livestream of other players or yourself.
  • All of the latest games are available to be live-streamed and watched.
  • Good application UI
  • Very responsive application
  • It doesn’t cause any problems with the mobile, and It has support for the TV android.

Positive Reviews

  • Good connection to the servers.
  • Responsive UI.
  • Takes less space for app management.
  • Very light on the android system.
  • Good ram management.
  • Options for advanced users to optimize settings for streaming to not put a load on mobile and gameplay doesn’t get affected much.

Negative reviews

  • Slow on older devices
  • It doesn’t work on devices with android five or less.
  • You require at least 4GB of RAM on your mobile systems for Booyah video links to work appropriately alongside the game if you want to stream.

FAQs about Booyah App

booyah lets you bet on game matches and earn money.

Can I LiveStream using this application?

Yeah, you surely can live-stream any game from your mobile or watch other people live-stream right from this application.

Can I live-stream on the 3G?

Yeah, you can live-stream on 3G or any other network as long as it provides excellent and reliable speeds to upload your stream.

Can I watch it offline?

No, you can’t. doesn’t have the option to download and watch it without the internet yet. Keep looking for the features the developers might add soon.

How much data usage might this app need if I Live-stream?

This application would require a considerable upload speed, and its data usage would be significant. So, I suggest that you buy an bandwidth plan so you same more than you spend.

Would I be paid any money if I stream?

Yes, If you fall into the content creators who fit the bill and are generating good ad revenue, you would be paid some money.

Is it like Youtube, where anyone can come and upload videos?

It’s kind of like Youtube but not exactly youtube. Here you can stream, and if you want to, then upload as well. But this platform focuses mainly on the Game and Live-Streams only.

how to get free diamonds in booyah app? [Free Tickets]

You can get it by watching more and more content. Also, free diamonds and tickets depend on exclusivity and your participation in events. The more you participate, the more you can earn.

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