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If you are searching for an app to adjust the color of your device’s screen and reduce the strain on your eyes. Then this Bluelight filter for eye care mod apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about its features in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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Customize your brightness levels with this app.

“Bluelight filter for eye care mod apk” is one of the most popular screen filter apps with many unique features for you. Nowadays, we are all day working on tablets or phones for both professional and personal use. And if you don’t know, the screen of phones, tablets, and other electronic devices emits Bluelight which is not good for our eyes. So we recommend this app with which you can change the color of your device’s screen and cancel out the harmful effects of Bluelight. This app is a must for those who have to work all day long in front of their phone or tablet’s screen.

There are filters of many different colors that you can apply to your screen. You can reduce the strain on your eyes and have a good sleep at night. For your convenience, this app allows you to change the color of your screen according to external light. Already more than 10 million users around the globe have used this app to protect their eyes from Bluelight. You can download the latest version of the Bluelight filter mod apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

Protect your eyes from the harmfull colors of Bluelight filter mod apk.

Screen filter with natural colors

In this app, you will find screen filters of various natural colors like green, orange, red, and brown which you can apply on your screen and reduce the strain on your eyes. You can choose the filter and adjust the intensity of color according to your preference. With UV light filter glasses, you work on your phone and tablet for hours and comfortably read the emails and news. You can even work at night without straining your eyes which makes it difficult to sleep.

Schedule mode

If you want to save time from daily setting up the screen filter then you can use the schedule mode. You just have to set a time in which you work on your device’s screen and then this app will automatically turn on the screen filter. And you can also try the auto mode in which this app automatically adjusts the screen color according to the surrounding light. It will do the work for you and turn on/off the screen for you according to your scheduled time.

Easy operation

This app allows you to turn off or on the screen filter with just one tap. You can add the shortcut to the notification panel directly adjust the opacity of the filter and choose the color filters. You don’t have to open the app every time to turn on/off the filter, you do it directly from the notification panel. Even take the screenshot from the notification panel and with its AI, you can remove the color filters. Adjust your screen color and reduce the strain on your eyes.

Impressive User interface

To make the user experience more comfortable, the Bluelight filter mod apk has a clean and user-friendly interface for you. It is specially designed in such a way that you can simply use all the features in this app. You don’t have to worry about your battery usage while using the filter. It even has low storage usage so you can use it on both low and high-end devices. With a single click, you can turn on/off your color filters and set the different colors.

Why install the Bluelight filter for eye care mod apk?

Use Dark mode to ensure relaxment to your eyes.

There are hundreds of Bluelight filter apps in the market, but most of them do not work as promised or have low efficiency. Whereas Bluelight filter for eye care mod apk is among the top blue filter apps. Through this app, you can easily apply the blue light filters with a single click on your device’s screen. Blue light filters are good for the eyes as it helps reduce the strain on your eyes. With different colors filters, you can cancel the effects of blue light emitting from your device’s screen.

You can work for hours on your phone or tablet without straining your eyes. With schedule mode, you can set the time and this app will automatically turn on or turn off the filter according to the scheduled time. The smart AI will automatically adjust the opacity of the filter concerning the surrounding light. In the mod version, you can use all the features available for absolutely free.

Unique features

  • It has a smart AI.
  • Take screenshots without a screen filter.
  • Adjust the screen color to reduce the Bluelight.


  • The blue filters mode automatically turns off after the screen gets locked.
  • Sometimes, it takes time to change the opacity of the filter in low-end devices.


  • In every new update, the bugs are fixed.
  • It has no ads to watch.
  • It is an easy-to-use app.


Is blue light filter good for the eyes?

Yes, a blue light filter is very good for the eyes as it cancels out the harmful effects of blue light and reduces the strain on your eyes.

Does blue light filter protect your eyes?

Blue light filters protect your eyes from the blue light that emits from phone and tablet screens. The blue light can cause strain on your eyes due to which you can’t have good sleep.

Is night mode the same as the blue light filter?

No, the night mode and blue light filter are not the same. In the night mode, the white background is also turned into black to reduce the light being emitted from the screen.

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