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Bloons TD 6 is developed by Ninja kiwi. The first game was released in June 2018. The game is available on both IOS and Android. Word TD stands for tower defense(Bloons Tower Defense). A series of tower defense games are created in this. Bloons TD 6 is also the same as other Tower Defense Series. There are many similar games such as Bloons TD 2, Bloons TD 3, Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 5, and many more. The game engine used in this is UNITY.

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Play with awesome monkey heroes in this game.

Gaming has been a big source of entertainment for everyone. The history of video games began with designing easy games in the 1950s. Digital technology has changed in recent years that it had provided a new path for the new generation of the gaming community. Some of the platforms are Youtube, Twitch, Discord, etc. Nowadays, gaming trend is both entertainment and a competition i.e Esports. Online gaming has grown rapidly in such a way that it provides many types such as multiplayer, player versus player(PvP). Multiplayer gaming is massively growing and allows the gamers to play with Friends, Random players and connect with them.

Multiplayer gaming has come up with many new features like in-game chatting and talking. Earlier, games were accessible on PCs, Laptops, or other devices that were out of budget for some people which was a negative point but because of the introduction of Smartphones, anyone can play games anywhere and anytime. With the rise of live-streaming platforms, people have started streaming their gameplays and become famous by interacting with them. Streaming also allows gamers to earn money out of it. This also helps streamers to create their fan base.

About the Game

Destroy powerful monkey tower in Bloon TD mod apk.

Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk is a strategy game. The game can be played in both modes i.e Singleplayer and Multiplayer. In this, the player has to build their defense towers to defend themselves from enemy balloon attacks. Each tower plays a different role. New in-game mechanics have been launched in Bloons TD6. Before starting a game players have the choice to select modes- Easy, Medium, Hard. There are different types of exciting maps and new upgrades.


There are new content updates:

  • 4 player Co-Op Mode: In this, 4 players are allowed to play. You can either play the matches publicly or create your private matches.
  • Create your Challenges: In this, players can create their challenges. For instance- game modes, maps, rounds, etc.
  • Trophy store: In this, players can earn trophies and avail amazing cosmetic items.
  • Events: There 4 various events i.e Collection Event, Race Event, Odyssey Event, and Boss Event. After finishing these events players can earn bonus rewards.

Additional Features

  • New Game mechanics are added in Bloons TD 6.
  • Special types of towers are called “Heroes”.
  • After every round, these HEROS gain points that get leveled up.
  • Players get in-game currency known as Monkey Money. By using this, players can unlock powers, new heroes, some cosmetics, etc.

Other information

Enjoy playing the most intense action gameplay.


  • This game is available on the Play Store for $4.49. people can either install it from there or download Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk from our Website.
  • For beginners playing for the first time, Tutorial Monkey guides how to play the game. Monkey explains every part of the game step-by-step which helps the player to have a good experience.


For some people, Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk is very amazing and enjoyable. They love this because of its graphics, designs, and a huge variety of maps and heroes. They can even play this game multiplayer with their friends and family. Even kids love to play such games because the gameplay is so classic and simple.

Some people didn’t like the game because it’s a paid game for both android and ios users. Secondly, the game becomes laggy and crashes while playing. There are bugs as well.


The game has different themes that celebrate:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Easter and much more…

Types of Bloons

There are various new bloons and their properties. In total, there are 22 types of various bloons.

  • Red Bloon
  • Yellow Bloon
  • Green Bloon
  • White Bloon
  • Blue Bloon
  • Pink Bloon
  • Black Bloon
  • Purple Bloon
  • Lead Bloon
  • Golden Bloon
  • Zebra Bloon
  • Rainbow Bloon
  • Ceramic Bloon
  • M.O.A.B
  • B.F.B
  • Z.O.M.G
  • D.D.T
  • B.A.D
  • Bloonarius
  • Elite Bloonarius
  • Lych
  • Elite Lych


Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk contains 58 maps. 19 are beginner maps, 17 intermediate maps, 12 advanced maps, 10 expert maps, and 1 other map. The rewards completion depends on the map selected and mode level. After the completion of the first round, rewards or payout is less. As the level of round increases payout also increases as well.

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