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Are you feeling tired mentally? Give your brain an energy boost with this awesome puzzle game app. This game is called Blockudoku: block puzzle game, an excellent combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. Please read this article to know all its features.

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match the different shapes of blocks to win.

Blockudoku is an interactive and fun block-type puzzle game app. This game will be your best companion in tiredness and stressful times. It is the most relaxing game you can play when you feel low. It is proven that puzzle games make our mind attentive active and help to increase our IQ level. And this game is a combination of many different types of puzzles to imagine the fun. You will have to match the blocks in every line to win in block puzzles, and you will have to complete the task in a minimum number of chances. Sudoku fans will be familiar with this app, as there are blocks, lines, and squares to create. Have fun playing lots of challenging levels of puzzles.

You will have to create lots of unique strategies to win every level. These puzzles have special patterns; you will have to understand the puzzles if you want to win. Win major rewards and bonus points by winning the daily challenges. These challenges are introduced to allow the players to win daily rewards. Create big numbers of high scores to compete against the other players online. You can challenge other online players in multiplayer puzzle matches in this game. You will also get tips while you play the puzzles.

Main features

lead the scoreboards by showing your puzzle solving skills in blockudoku mod apk.

9×9 Block Puzzles

If you are a dedicated puzzler, this game will be your next favorite game. In the block puzzles, you will have to match various same blocks in minimum chances. The game will be played in a 9×9 block grid. This type of puzzle is very similar to the famous game Sudoku, and remember the shapes of cubes and place them in their right place. To win the levels, you will need to create unique strategies.

Daily Challenges & Seasonal Events

Win a massive number of rewards by playing and completing the daily challenges. Daily challenges are updated every day, and each time you will face a new problem to solve. There are also seasonal events that you can enjoy, which will give you the chance to win rich rewards and bonus points. These events are the main threats to enjoy more than the traditional levels. You will not enjoy solving puzzles but winning the rewards also proves better.

Challenge Other Players

Every game gets boring if you always play and win it alone. At one point, you will stop playing no matter how interesting the game is because the thrill of that game is over for you. For this purpose, this game has multiplayer puzzle matches. So you can challenge other players online from all over the world to win. Please give them a challenging round of puzzles so that they will remember you. And every time you win, you will get extra points and rewards. You can also show your extraordinary talent to create a high score.

Several levels

This game has a massive number of levels that make this game so much fun to play. Levels are very challenging to play, and you will have to create many unique strategies to win the game. Train your brain and boost your mental health on many levels in this game. with every passing day, you will get new updates and levels to play. Different types of puzzles to enjoy.

Why play Blockudoku apk?

enjoy the seasonal events of this game.

There are so many reasons to play this game as it’s very effective in boosting your mental health. Puzzle game usually helps your mind to relax and relieve your stress levels. And this game has a massive variety of puzzle games like block puzzles, multiplayer puzzle battles, and many more. The game levels are also very challenging, which makes it even more interesting. Play the most amazing block-type puzzles in this game. You will have to play the block-type puzzles by matching the blocks of different shapes of puzzles. Enjoy daily challenges and have fun by winning the game. Test your IQ levels and boost your problem-solving skills.

Play multiplayer matches against skilled players across the world. Prepare a continuous rank on the scoreboard and defeat the other players. Relax your mind and play the exciting puzzles to have fun. Just play the game even once and get addicted to it. Play blockudoku online and have a refreshing puzzle experience.

Other Information

Unique features

  • The game is available with different animated themes, dark and light. Choose the one you like.
  • Free to play the game
  • The scoreboard shows talented players across the world.
  • High-quality animations and realistic graphics.


What is Blockudoku?

View these youtube videos and know what bockudoku is all about.

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