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Want to download large torrent files? If yes then we can suggest to you the most advanced torrent download manager which is called “BitTorrent” for android. Read this article to know all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

About BitTorrent

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BitTorrent apk is a powerful torrent download manager designed for android devices. With this application, you will be able to download large files with fast speed and stable connectivity. Torrent gives you the best downloading link which is resumable even after long hours. If you want to download any movie, web series, show episodes, and games then BitTorrent downloader is the best choice for you. Even torrent provides large pc games, so you can use BitTorrent on your mobile to download the large pc files also.

  • BitTorrent uses a certain downloading technology that helps to increase the download speed.
  • This type of downloading tech allows BitTorrent to download single large files through multiple sources.
  • This app divides the large files into smaller parts and then completes the processing after the file is completely downloaded.
  • The best part of downloading a movie or web series with this app is that you can watch while the file is being downloaded.
  • There is no speed limit or size limit to download the files with BitTorrent you can download large files without any limitation.


Main features

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Fast downloads

With the BitTorrent download manager, your files are downloaded faster and with stable connectivity. This is the best app to download large-sized files. As this app uses advanced tech which divides the large files into smaller parts and then downloads it is the best download manager. The best thing is that the files support pause and resume functions for long hours. So enjoy watching movies and playing games with this app.

Use Dark theme

BitTorrent apk supports dark themes which you can use to protect your eyes from the bright colors. While you use this app at night this feature will be the best to use. The look of the UI is also changed by applying the black theme and it becomes more awesome. With the dark theme on the menu options and download lists and all other functions get black. You can even customize the dark mode also and apply the pure dark theme which is a feature.

Save data

With this app, you cannot only download large files, but you can also save your mobile data. You can apply the wifi-only mode to download the files. This way the mobile is safe even if it is on, this feature always saves it. Another method for you to save the data is that you can select which files to download and which to cancel. With this app, you can manually remove the files within the torrent file to download the data which you want. This way you can save a lot of data by removing unnecessary files from the download list.

Smart UI

This app has a very user-friendly interface which makes working with this app very easy. All the features are available to use without going deep into the menu bar. While using the app its shows the files separately which are being downloaded. Their download speed per second and their remaining time are also shown. The best part is that you can pause the files and resume them even after a few days and it will resume from the last point.


Why BitTorrent apk?

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You can choose BitTorrent apk as it is the most advanced and powerful torrent, download manager. This app can download any type of torrent and magnet link. Download managers like this can help to improve the download speed and provide connection stability. BitTorrent supports pause and resume features even up to several days. The smart user interface of this app provides a high-priority notification system so while multitasking you don’t have to open the app to know the download status.

There is no limit on the download size and speed. This app supports dark mode for its users to relax their eyes from the bright colors of the screen. BitTorrent android apk allows you to watch the media files while they are being downloaded. Auto Shutdown feature allows the app to automatically shut down after the download is complete.

Unique features of Bittorent apk

  • You can watch and entertain yourself as you download
  • The auto-shutdown feature is available that shuts down the app after the file is downloaded.
  • Integrated audio and video player to listen while and after downloading.
  • Download every type of torrent and magnet link
  • Download speed is improved with a stable connection.


Relevant resources

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. Please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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watch while downloading feature. dark mode support in app.

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