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Want to play some exciting and funny games with others and make friends. Internet is full of multiplayer games with high graphics and needs heavy specs, and we have found a perfect game for you. Play bed wars and play with other players to make friends.

Please read the following article to know more about the game and download it to experience a different way of playing multiplayer games.

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About Bed Wars

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Bed wars is a multiplayer online game. You will wedge wars with your opponents to save you and destroy the opposition’s bed. The game will match you with your friends to make the team and play in the floating islands in the sky. Make bridges to move to opponents’ islands and destroy and invade them. You can play the game in different modes. Play solo, in the duel, or quad teams. Chat and talk with friends across the world playing the game. Make a strategy with them and protect your island and destroy others simultaneously.

In a quad game, 16 players will be divided into four-person teams. Build your tools, stick bombs, swords, and other strategic weapons. Use these weapons to kill others and destroy their bed. You will resurrect again and again till your bed survive. The last team or bed survived will win.

It’s a game of exploring, observing, and constructing. You will love the game if you like strategic games like Minecraft or age of empires. It gives you the freedom of making your strategy whenever way you want. Your island will be your world. You have to search for resources to help you design weapons and construction tools. You can also customize your avatar designing it whatever you want to look. Build yours and destroy others to win the game. Make new friends and invite yours to the game.


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  1. Graphics: The game’s graphics are like blocks, just like Minecraft. It’s a small game that doesn’t eat much of the RAM so that it won’t slow your device. It is fast, and the game’s features are not less than any games available.
  2. Modes: There are different modes of the game. You can go solo or in a duel or squad. Join and make other teams. Invite your friends or make new friends in the game. Players can talk or chat with one another to make strategies. Play with professional players to learn their tactics and playing styles.
  3. Resources: Your island is full of the resources you will require to win the game. Explore your island and collect these resources. You will need these resources to make different weapons and construct the bridges to other islands. Weapons are ranged from melee weapons to stick bombs. You will also get gold, stones, wood for different needs.
  4. Customization: You can make your world in the game. Construct and build according to what you want. You also got the option to customize your avatar. You can do it with the help of the reward points you will get by winning the game. Make your catchy and unique look to bring excitement to the game.

The good and the Bad

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  • The game gives you complete independence of movement and making your strategy.
  • Players can chat and talk in different languages in the game. Make new friends while talking personally¬†or while making game strategies.
  • There are many levels in the game. So it never gets boring and gets exciting at every level.
  • Not needed any heavy specifications in the devices. It can run flawlessly in low specs devices too.
  • It’s an online game but doesn’t have those irritating ads that worsen the gaming experience.


  • Sometimes games get glitch, and users transport too far off places which can be frustrating during crucial times.
  • There is no show of the health bar in the game, which you can toggle in the settings.
  • Some players’ game profiles won’t let them access it. It led to their game data being lost forever.

Other Information

building blocks is the way of this game

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Who are the developers?

The game developers are blockman go studios, and they have developed many block-based games. You can visit their official website to learn and play more games.

How to download the game?

Download bed wars from the google play store with the link provided above. You can also visit the website of developers to download the game. Or download the game directly from our website. It is safe and secure to download the app from here. Click the download button, enjoy the fun, and share it with your friends.

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