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Racing games are the most popular category of games played worldwide. Are you one of those racing games enthusiasts?

We found a perfect game for you that you can play on your smartphone. Beach buggy apk is one of the highest-rated racing games in the google play store. Learn mo re about the beach buggy by reading the following article and downloading the game by clicking the download button on this page.

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Beach buggy allows you to travel through the action-packed world of beaches where you race with other racers and win rewards. Race against great rivals, each with unique abilities. Join the mayhem of off-road go-cart racing and test your driving skills in six different game modes on the beaches across the racing world.

AI of this game will match you with rivals across the world according to your ranking in the game. You can play it both offline and online both. There are different modes like career mode, which you can play while you are offline, and you can compete with the best in-game across the world if you want to play online.

There are hundreds of conventional racing games which you can find online. Most of these games run the same without any different things in them. Beach buggy gives you the unique experience of racing humorously and funnily. Animations of the game are very realistic and exciting. You can play through different control settings. Give this game a try, and it will never disappoint you.

Regular updates of the game add new modes and features that will never bore you in it.

Features of Beach Buggy Racing

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  • Experience the go-carting: Exciting physics-based gameplay allows you to show your driving skills. Win matches and unlock new powers like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. The best go carting experience in 3D.
  • Customized cars: Use your driving skills to win matches and win rewards. Use those rewards to collect new vehicles among dozens of cars. Add and make the unique collection in your garage, from monster trucks to rovers and go-carts. Customize and create new cars models according to your needs. Add the powers and new boosters to make it a formidable one.
  • Powerups: Unique powerups in the game make it more exciting. Build a collection of unique powerups from Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick. Won them by winning the games and defeating your rivals.
  • Google play services: Sync the game with google play services. Save your game data in google clouds and play your profile on different devices. You can also compete with your friends on your local leader boards and compete with top players on the global leader board.
  • Race tracks: More than 15 race tracks will give you a unique experience. Roam and battle to win in volcanoes-filled forests, jungles, and beaches. There are unique shortcuts and surprises in each race track. Find them to get an extra edge in the game.
  • Different playing options: Play the game by tilting motions, touch screen, or connecting the gamepad through USB. Play in whatever way suits you best. Customize the graphics, gyroscope, and controls from the setting and make your unique controls.

The Good and Bad

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  • Regular updates are available in the google play store. You can update to get the new tracks and features again and again.
  • Hilarious game with funny and witty humorous context. It’s great fun playing this game. It never makes you bored and gives you every reason to play it.
  • Very easy-to-understand game. No high fi control settings which are hard to control. Customize controls according to your needs and play whatever way you want.
  • Great graphics which suit every type of smartphone. Set the illustrations according to your need and your device’s capability.


  • The game gets stuck sometimes while racing which leads you to get stockpiled by the rivals or not use the shortcuts in the game.
  • There are some problems with touch controls. It would be best if you pressed very hard to turn your car sometimes, and the gyroscope needs regular resetting.
  • AI of the game bugs sometimes.
  • Ads can be frustrating while playing the online game but can be avoided by playing offline and turning off the internet connection.

Important links

Download the app from the google play store.

Watch the following gameplay video of beach buggy to learn more.

FAQs about beach buggy racing apk

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Fast, furious, and free.

Who is the developer?

Vector unit are the developer of the game. They are famous for making many popular racing games like Mousebot, shine runner free, etc. You can play the above games by downloading from the google play store.

How to download the game?

You can download the game from the google play store or download it from our website (safe and secure) by clicking the download button at the bottom.

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