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Looking for a fantastic baseball game in which you can form your team and play? Then “BASEBALL 9” is definitely for you. Read about this game in the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Baseball 9

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Baseball 9 apk is one of the most famous baseball sports games. You can build your team and play realistic baseball matches in this game. Whether you are a fan of baseball or not, everyone will love this game due to its fun gameplay. While playing this game, you will feel like you are playing real baseball, as all the rules are the same. You can do batting, pitching, and fielding in the game. Manually control the running of your avatar after hitting the ball. You can become the new star player of the stadium. You can participate in different leagues with difficulty levels from low to high based on your ranking and performance.

There will be a crowd in the stadium to support and celebrate your win in every match. You can enjoy this game on both smartphones and tablets. Set the fielding in the ground according to you, and master this game with your fingers. Already more than 10 million gamers from all over the world have played this game. You can download the latest version of the baseball nine apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

baseball 9 mod apk has autoplay for convenience.

Build a strong baseball team

To give enough competition to your competitors and win the matches, you will have to build a strong team. You can choose the players for your team by seeing their stats. With few strong players, you cannot win, so you should have a balanced team. Try new combinations of players in your team and upgrade them to improve their performance. Or you can play with random players in your squad in quick matches. But the main aim is to score points and win the matches.

Customizable players

In this game, you will have the freedom to create your players by customizing the in-built players. You can choose their faces’ body types and even select their batting and pitching motion. Give them the unique names you like and set them as right-handed or left-handed batters or pitchers. There is a wide range of bats, gloves, glasses and other equipment which you can try on your players. You can upgrade the players to improve their performance and skills.

Easy controls

In this game, you will have easy-to-remember and straightforward controls. With on-screen options, you can do the pitching and batting in baseball9. As a pitcher, you will have to pitch the ball not to hit it. There are many different pitching techniques that you can try, such as Sider, forkball, and change-up. In a change-up, you can change the speed of the ball to fool the batter. And in batting, too, there are different shots like contact, power, left bunt, and good bunt.

Impressive graphics and sound effects

Baseball 9 apk has high-quality animated graphics for you. You can explore 3D stadiums, each with unique surroundings. All the elements in this game are designed by the top professionals with extreme care of every detail. It has an original soundtrack which you can listen to and enjoy while playing the matches. The unique sound effects like crowd cheering, the ball hitting sound, and more makes your gaming experience more realistic. Due to its fun gameplay, you feel addicted to this gameplay.


Why install Baseball 9 apk?

customize your players and team with red caps

Baseball nine apk is among the top sports game apps with a large growing community. You can build your team and play your favorite baseball game in this game. Due to its realistic gameplay, you will feel like playing baseball in real life. You can manually do batting, pitching, and fielding in the baseball 9 apk. There are different techniques in both batting and pitching, such as Sider, forkball, contact, left-bunt, right-bunt, and many more. All the control options are on-screen so that you can easily play. You can select the best players by seeing their stats and form the best-balanced team.

With a single click, you can switch the players in your team and try new combinations to find a perfect team. Bored with the in-built players, you can create new ones by customizing the old ones. You can change their face body types and set them as right-handed or left-handed batsmen or pitchers. You can even rename their names and try a wide range of bats, gloves and glasses for them. There are five different leagues in which you play, and the difficulty level will be based on your level and performance.

Unique features

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • It has low battery consumption.
  • There are different leagues to play.


  • There is no multiplayer mode.
  • You cannot back up your progress in the game.


  • You can play this game both offline and online.
  • It is a simple and easy game to play.
  • You can enjoy the ad-free experience.


recruit and promote players. swing and run baseball bat in baseball 9 game quick and simple play

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