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Getting bored by playing usual boring games? If yes then we might know what type of game you will like. This game is called Banana Kong mod apk. Read this article to know all its features. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Banana Kong

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Banana Kong mod apk is a casual jungle safari game designed for android devices. This game has lots of adventurous levels to enjoy. The theme and environment of this game are designed with deep jungles. The gameplay involves you playing the role of a gorilla who thinks only about bananas all the time.

This game is all about having fun adventures while collecting as many bananas as you can. You will control the gorilla in the game and direct him to collect them towards the banana path. It isn’t easy to collect all the bananas that you see. They are aligned in a very tricky way, and while playing the game, it is impossible that you can collect all of them. You can perform many special moves while controlling the gorilla-like jump, slide, swing, crouch, and hang on ropes.

This game will become more fun as you clear the levels. This game will far exceed your expectations, as it has very addictive gameplay. As you collect bananas in the game, your score will rise. Lead the scoreboard and compete against skilled players all over the world. Many fantastic scenarios in this game involve forests, oceans, mountains, lava canyons, and many more epic locations. You can also get the help of game boosters which can boost your performance level.

Main features

catch as many bananas as you can in banana kong

Thrilling gameplay

In this game, you will have to control a giant gorilla and have to collect lots of bananas. The thrill will come in the game when you will face the different types of challenges and obstacles. You can overcome these obstacles by jumping, sliding, crouching, swinging, and performing many more special moves. Gameplay will speed up more and it will get tougher to play. This way the excitement and fun never end.

Fun locations

There are many fun locations in this game designed with realistic graphics. You will like the game environment which involves deep forests, mountains, ocean, lava canyons, and much more. With each location, you will get to experience very many variations in the game. In ocean locations, you will have to swim, in forests you will have to swing and many more. This gameplay will provide you the neverending fun with unlimited runs.

Challenging levels

The levels are challenging and full of excitement. Your goal is only to collect as many bananas as you can. The twist in the game is that your energy level will keep depleting as you run. So to fill up your energy levels you will have to eat bananas continuously. You can use an energy dash to destroy the obstacles in the game. But there is a limit to how many times you can use this power.

HQ animations and sound quality

The game environment is designed with extreme level high-quality animations. Locations and different stages are designed with realistic graphics. You will love the special visual effects that are displayed in this game. Not only the video quality but also the sound quality is awesome. The sound effects of this game are very good. Use earphones to enhance the sound quality.

Why play Banana Kong mod apk ?

dive underwater with a monkey

You can choose this game to be your next favorite casual game app. It has the most fun gameplay with fast-paced levels to enjoy. There are different types of stages in this game for you to want. Have fun collecting bananas while running, jumping, swinging, and more.

Different locations in this game are designed with traps and tricky obstacles, making it even more enjoyable. Enjoy high-quality graphics and superb sound effects that are available at each level. Levels are tough to win and get even more difficult as you level up. You can use unique boosters to destroy the game’s annoying obstacles. Smash and run to clear the levels with a perfect score. By collecting bananas, you can gain energy which you can use in advancing to clear stages.

Unique features

  • Save your progress in cloud storage.
  • You can take the help of different animals in this game and ride them to advance in stages.
  • Easy one-thumb controls to help in smooth gaming.
  • Special moves which can boost your performance in the game.

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