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This app that we brought you today is free for you to download with all paid features included and with no ads.

  • You can use this application for not just one purpose. But for actually multiple reasons.
  • You can use this application for cleaning the junk files and cache files of the application that you don’t use often.
  • In Addition, You can use this application for deleting corrupted large files.
  • Also, You can use this to find the duplicate files on the file system of your android device.
  • You can find the photos on your phone that are backed up on the cloud storage. So you can delete that, it does so by connecting to popular services like Gdrive, google photos.

This app is called “AVG Cleaner – Clean out junk & free up storage”

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Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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To download AVG Cleaner click on download button and follow these steps – 

  1. Allow the unknown sources from the settings menu
  2. Click install to install the package.
  3. Use it without any ads with all of the features.


About AVG Cleaner

real time monitoring of junk and space

This application also helps you find irrelevant large files like large Gallary thumbnails of the old files or photos that are not present on the file system. It can also be used for optimizing the performance of your device by cleaning the RAM to make space for newly opened applications and by force-stopping the Application.

You do need to allow for the assistive services in the android. You can set it to automate the cleaning of the RAM after a certain period or after a specific event has occurred on the Android device. More information about the application is available in the About section below. To download the application you need to navigate to the download the app section.


Features of AVG Cleaner

speed up your phone by using toolbar

  • Today we have brought a popular Application with no ads and with features included from the start.
  • AVG Cleaner is developed by AVG’s Mobile dev team in which they have outdone themselves giving us multiple operational usages fulfilled by a single application.
  • This application is called AVG CLEANER available only on the play store.
  • This single application can perform as a Cleaner application that scans and cleans the junk along with cached files to make more space for your android devices.
  • Another usage of this application is a booster to increase the phone battery life by saving the resources like RAM and Processor.
  • This does this by cleaning the RAM and force-stopping the application.
  • This application does need the permission of the assistive service that you need to grant so it can take care of the rest.
  • You can set it to auto clean the system once every interval like 15mins or like 30 mins or so.
  • So you don’t have to do this manually and all of this can be done with just one click of a button (assistive permission of the android is necessary).
  • It cleans the unnecessary files by scanning and detecting all of these by size or duration and usage requirement.
  • So, the files are identified on these bases and are deleted so that you have more space left on your phone.
  • These files that take unnecessary space are cache files or gallery media thumbnails of the old and the files that are not present on the media gallery.
  • Make use of AVG Cleaner Apk to clear space on your mobile and to make the unused space on your mobile phone.
  • To download AVG Cleaner Apk, head over to the download section and follow the instructions mentioned over there.


The good and the bad

optimize files and clean up storage quickly

Positive reviews

  • Fast and Responsive Ui-framework
  • A good way to optimize the mobile phone on storage and file system.
  • This application is multiple applications in the size of one.
  • It is a Cleaner application.
  • Also, It is a Ram Booster application.
  • It is a photo backer application.
  • In addition, It is a battery-saver application by frees the resources held up by Unnecessary applications.
  • Takes a very less amount of Ram to work.
  • Can do its functions on an auto basis if proper permissions are given to the application.

Negative Reviews

  • Obstructive ads in the free version. (we are providing you ads-free version)
  • Causes the older phones to slow down due to processing the file system on auto mode.
  • Requires assistive permission to work properly.
  • On some devices, it takes an eternity to finish scanning and cleaning the files.


Frequently Asked Questions

overview of svg cleaner mod apk

Q. How much space this application needs?

Around 300Mb and 2Gb of RAM are required for the application to run smoothly on the phone.

Q. Is this an antivirus?

A. No, this app is not an antivirus. This application is here to fulfill multiple purposes like cleaning junk, saving battery, relieving resources by force stopping the applications, removal of already backed up photos, and saving space on the file system.

Q.Would it works on android 4.3?

A. No, it needs Android 6.0+ because it uses newly added features of the latest O.S to be efficient and us the latest dozing mode to enhance the performance of the device.

Screenshots of AVG Cleaner

avg cleaner has nice interface. see and perform analytics on performance of your device. clean storage with one tap. quick clean your files in your phone with avg cleaner pro unlocked free up space, improve battery life, and increase performance with avg cleaner mod apk.

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