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In the current age of the internet, data is the most important thing. Privacy infringement is also a significant concern in the age of growing connectivity. You have to save your data and keep your secrets intact. If you have used a PC in the good old days, you have remembered the AVG antivirus. It is one of the most popular antiviruses that we have used other than Avast antivirus. Now, use the android version of the app to keep your Android devices safe.

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About AVG Antivirus

keep track of your apps.

This article is your solution to the potential dangers of using the internet without protection. There are tons of threats that one faces while surfing the internet. Use AVG antivirus for your one app solution for all the security concerns in your android device. The app will act as your shield from harm from the internet so that you can surf the vast contour of the world wide web without any security concerns.

Now, everybody uses their smartphone more than their computer. We send and receive secret messages through phones. Chats, share and talk to people through it. Do online shopping and use our credit and debit cards. So as we can see, smartphones are very personal and essential to us. So, we need special protection for it. You can use AVG antivirus for all your security needs. Apart from an antivirus, it has a built-in VPN service and app locks to keep your apps only.

AVG antivirus will ask for some permission to operate on your device and keep your device safe and secure. It will do automatic scans frequently and delete possible harmful files from your device. You can also use it to delete unwanted data and cache files to keep your machine clean.

Features of the Latest Version

find your lost phones

Scans everything on the device

The app’s primary function is to scan your device for possible harm. It has several modes like quick mode or full device scan that you can choose from according to your need and requirements. It can quickly scan your whole device and show you all the suspicious files of your device with possible risks. You can choose which files to delete, as many files may be essential.


Apart from an antivirus, it will also help you keep your device clean and save storage for you. The file manager of the app is accommodating and allows proper arrangements of files on the device. The file manager will sort the files in the correct order, which will help you delete the files. You can delete the duplicate files, screenshots, and other large files that are of no use to you.


Another essential feature of the app is its free VPN service. We know how hackers track people their location and information for future use or for selling their data on the internet. With VPN, you can change the IP address of your device for faraway places, which will make tracking your device impossible. You can surf the internet anonymously and safely with AVG internet security.

App lock

Now, many devices provide inbuilt app locks on their phones. But if you don’t have it on your device, you can use the app lock of the AVG antivirus. It is secure and will not keep the data of your device. So keep the password of your application protected and enjoy every app.

Pros and cons

scan and find threats in your device.


  • A free antivirus that is fast and covers very little space on the smartphone.
  • It has inbuilt free VPN services. It will make it impossible to track your device location and information on the internet.
  • The file manager helps you manage the files on your device. It will also help you clean your device for harmful and large files covering space in your phone.


  • It is not a free app. It needs to take a subscription to the app to use all the app’s functions.
  • The app keeps on pressuring us to update and upgrade the app.
  • Many users face lags and hang on their devices when installing the AVG antivirus.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and more about the app.
  • Alteratives of AVG antivirus:


Is AVG antivirus free?

There are many free features in the app, like scanning and deleting files. But for other options like using VPN, you need to take the subscription of the app.

Is AVG antivirus trusted?

AVG antivirus is one of the most trusted and famous brands we have used on our PCs. It is also a trusted antivirus in the smartphone segment.

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